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This Top 10 list will present some of the best looking weapons in MMOs. There are thousands of well-designed weapons out there, I attempted to pick some of the best ones. The main factors I took in consideration were uniqueness, design and visual effects.

10 Warframe Sword

This beauty is a sword from the third-person shooter, Warframe. It is utilized as a melee weapon when competing in instanced zone missions. The game is still in a beta phase.

9 Tera – Black Dragon Weapon Sets

Black Dragon weapon skins are on sale from time to time in the Tera store. They greatly enhance the look of any weapon and are a must on this Top 10 list.

8 Star Wars: The Old Republic: Devastator’s Double-Bladed Lightsaber

This pretty Double-Bladed Lightsaber can drop from packs bought from SW:TOR’s real currency shop, the Cartel Market. The color of the lightsaber crystal attached to the hilt determines the color of the blade. This sure does attract a lot of attention.

7 Aion: Stormwing’s Longbow

This bow drops from Stormwing, the last boss of a dungeon in Aion, the Beshmundir Temple. Players can enter the instance from level 53. The boss can drop any level 55 Stormwing weapon for each of the set classes. It has an elegant, yet deadly look.

6 Guild Wars 2: Fused Rifle Skin

This is a rifle skin from Guild Wars 2. The skin comes in all varieties, depending on the weapon type. The skin can be obtained from Black Lion Chests with a certain drop chance. These chests contain random prizes and can be opened with special keys. The rifle looks fierce in the hands of any skilled player.

5 Vindictus: Elchulus Bow

This is a wonderful crafted bow from Vindictus. The bow requires level 70 and a significant amount of crafting materials. It looks very unique and precisely designed. Vindictus is a quite popular MMORPG by Nexon. It is restricted to instanced zones and gender locked classes.

4 Aion: The Dragon Lord’ Hatred

This is the Best-in-Slot mythical grade Greatsword in Aion 3.9. It drops from the 12-man instance, Tiamat’s Hideout, from boxes that you receive when completing it. It is every Templar’s desire in Aion, not only for its shocking stats but its stunning looks. Not many people would challenge you with this in your hands.

3 Guild Wars 2: Twilight Arbor Greatsword

This artistic weapon comes from a level 55 dungeon in Guild Wars 2, Twilight Arbor. Its design fundamentally reaches back to nature and along with the pink glow effect, it is one hell of a combination. The weapon clearly represents the traditional looks of the Sylvari race.

2 World of Warcraft: Warglaives of Azzinoth

This choice does not need explanation. I am sure that every hardcore MMO player is familiar with the level 70 legendary swords from The Burning Crusade expansion of WoW. The symbolic twin blades of Illidan are still wanted by many players who could not get their hands on them.

1 Tera: Icegrip Skins

The winner of this Top 10 list is this frosty masterpiece along with the other type of Icegrip weapon skins. They drop from Loot Boxes with a certain chance that can be bought from the Tera store. Its perfect shape is enhanced by the icy glow. This is my personal choice as the winner of this list, but the competitors were tough.

The weapons mentioned above are all unique in their own ways and show the artistic talents of their designers. Even a top 1000 list would not be enough to present all the beautiful weapons that are present in MMOs.

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