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Given the immense explosion in popularity of video games, you can bet that there are millions of gamers looking to snag the coveted 100% achievement completion.

It’s also a means for developers to make sure that gamers continue to stay engaged with their franchise long after the main campaign has been completed. The best way to achieve this is to create secret missions interspersed with puzzles and Easter Eggs that players will gradually complete to reach 100% completion.

This can be a gargantuan task – depending on the difficulty level and layers of planning involved in game design. Many players will attempt, but only few will reach 100 percent – besides participating in side quests here and there.

GTA San Andreas has a ton of collectibles and a massive checklist to go through, from relatively easy goals such as purchasing all safe houses to more challenging and time-consuming requirements such as collecting all 50 horseshoes. Witcher 3, meanwhile, is gigantic and also crammed with tons of small things to do.

One reason that makes players want to target full completion is the game’s environment itself. This means that the game needs to feel like a fully-fledged world, such as the busy city streets in GTA 5. If a world or map design is not interesting enough, gamers will be less likely to bother with uncovering all the secrets within.

A great example of worlds that practically beg for explorations Uncharted 4 and Rise of the Tomb Raider. Their maps are large, but they feel like an entirely new experience.

Incentivization and Reward System

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What keeps players interested is the element of gamification commonly associated with exploration. Often in the form of unique perks such as unlimited health ammo in the case of GTA San Andreas, unique weapons, costumes, or a piece of lore that contributes more to the narrative.

Mass Effect 3 rewards the player with quality items ranging from costume items to weapon upgrades by interacting with the world

Some rewards also include side missions, which can heavily contribute to the main experience. The Mass Effect series is a perfect example of this as some side missions involve securing the loyalty of Squadmates while others become far more expansive.

One multi part side mission in Mass Effect 2 revolves around Shepard’s former associate, Liara T’Soni, where the player tracks down the Shadow Broker’s location.

Even as a side mission and DLC, the story is just as involving as the main narrative and further motivates the players to complete other impactful side quests.

Although the story and environment play a big role in helping players reach 100%, the final factor that keeps most players from pushing ahead is the gameplay. Some games require players to invest hundreds of hours beyond what is expected to acquire every feat and collectible in the game. If the game is repetitive, it can become very old and boring.

But games like Skyrim and Witcher 3 offer variety and choices in combat so that players are never bored.

So, we’re left asking the reader… is it worth getting the 100% completion trophy? Let us know in the comments below.

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