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The Skyrim universe is riddled with thousands of enemies who are out to kill the player. With so many deadly enemies at every corner, it’s important for the player to brush up on their offense skills. Equally important is paying attention to defenses because things will start to get heated – literally and figuratively.

Be sure to check out these valuable armor sets in Skyrim.

Wolf Armor


One of the best looking suits of armor – from an aesthetic point of view – is the Wolf Armor. It can be purchased from Eorlund Gray-Make after completing the Proving Honor quest (if you join the Companions faction). But looks can be deceiving since the Wolf Armor will lose its effectiveness later on in the game and you’ll soon be on the hunt for something stronger.

Steel Armor


The steel armor is one of the earliest heavy set armors that the player will run into. And it works very well too. You can find it on the bodies of just about every bandit and warrior under the sun. With a defense of 96, most players will rely on this rather clichéd looking armor for a long time to come.

Falmer Hardened Armor


Unlocked after purchasing the Dawnguard DLC, this armor has a relatively low base armor rating. It cannot be crafted but players can improve it with Chaurus chitin. The set has a base rating of 78 points, which makes it a bit weaker during the later missions.

Bonemold Armor


This armor has a good base rating of 94 and should serve the player well during combat. You can also craft this set if you have at least 15 in Smithing, iron ingots, and Netch leather. This all-around durable armor will keep you alive during the easier missions.

Falmer Heavy Armor


At a base rating of 96, the Falmer Heavy Armor gives the player good defenses early on in the game. What makes this armor unique is the player’s inability to craft it. You can find it in the Dwemer ruins. When in heated combat, you can rely on good all-around coverage, not to mention the incredibly cool aesthetics.

Ancient Nord Armor


This is a standard armor set that used to be worn by Nords in ancient times. The helmet is one of the most recognizable features of the set because it appears in Skyrim’s early promo material. This armor has a base defense of 60, making it suitable for the earlier stages of the game. You cannot craft it. It can be obtained as loot by killing Dragon Cultists during the quest “Siege on the Dragon Cult”.

Dwarven Armor


The Dwarves used to wear this armor back when they were still alive. Its lustrous design gives off ancient vibes while also providing decent defenses. The player can craft it, buy it from blacksmiths, and find it in many locations throughout the map.

Orcish Armor


At a weight of just 71 and a base rating of 121, this armor is a great choice for protection. It starts to spawn in the world when you’re at level 20. Enchanted parts of the armor start to appear during level 26.

You can buy it or loot it from the corpses of fallen enemies.

Ebony Armor


Another lightweight armor at just 76 and a base rating of 126, the Evony Aremor is one of the best armors in Skyrim. Modeled after the armor of Sauron, the Ebony armor makes for an intimidating spectacle. You can smith it yourself, but you’ll have to reach level 80 in smithing first.

Dragonplate Armor


Most players will have accumulated a fortune of dragon bones after defeating several unfortunate dragons, legendary or otherwise. At first, they won’t know what to do with it beyond selling it to a few merchants for some coin.

However, if you reach level 100 in Smithing and get the Dragon Armor perk, you will be able to create it yourself. With the shield, the base’s rating is about 136.

Do you agree with our list of the top 10 armor sets in Skyrim? Let us know in the comments below!

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