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GTA San Andreas is filled with missions – some are great, some are boring, and some are agonizingly difficult.

We’ve gathered the 10 most difficult of the bunch from Rockstar Game’s hit classic.


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You won’t like off-roading after this mission. Not after driving a monster truck over hills, valleys, and steep slopes – basically, anywhere but the road. Getting used to the massive frame of the truck can be frustrating. Players will fail this mission dozens of times before getting the hang of it (and they’re mocked for it too.)


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Finally, you get to fly a plane in the game after dozens of difficult missions.

There’s only one slight caveat though – you must fly at a low altitude where you are dangerously close to hitting the pavement, mountains, buildings, and trees. The fact that your plane instantly bursts into flames the instant it comes into contact with any obstacle makes the mission infinitely hard.



The idea behind Stowaway is simple: you drive a motorbike up a plane while dodging gunfire and literal barrels. Trying to get up the plane’s ramp is easier than it sounds, particularly as you try to wiggle around the barrels.

Once inside though, the mission is very straightforward – use hand to hand combat, blow up the plane, and parachute out of there.

OG Loc

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This is the ultimate test of your bike riding skills as you have to speed past narrow streets, avoid random vehicles, and of course, the volley of gunfire between you and the target.

It doesn’t help that OG Loc’s shooting skills are terrible. Your bike can actually catch fire and explode – and that makes it even harder. At the end of the brutal chase, you’re forced to fight off several gang members with next to no weapons.

Supply Lines

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Zero’s missions are designed to be difficult. They’re unavoidable too, so you have to pass them in order to make any progress into the storyline. Supply Lines is quite literally the worst of Zero’s missions.

The goal is to fly an extremely fragile toy plane and chase after thugs who are armed with SMGs.

It doesn’t help that the toy planes have very limited fuel. Nothing makes you feel so powerless in the game as Supply Lines – not only are you outgunned and outnumbered but you are also at risk of running out of fuel.

Robbing Uncle Sam

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This mission gives you a glimpse of the suicidal AI early on in the game. You team up with Ryder to face off hordes of armed soldiers. You have limited ammunition and you have to protect Ryder. This is easier said than done because Ryder just stands there and stares at the soldiers while they pump him full of bullets.

Learning to Fly


This mission takes the fun out of flying in GTA San Andreas. You can’t skip it. You can’t leave it for later. It will take you several hours (easily well over 6 hours) to get the hang of it. There is no dialog, cutscene, or anything dramatic to make the journey feel rewarding.

It truly does feel like a grind.



GTA San Andreas takes the idea of freefall and manages to turn it into the most boring and grueling sessions in video game history.

The challenge is to take the slowest aircraft in the game to chase after one of the fastest planes in the game. Starting over and over again makes you want to pull your hair out and smash your controller open.

Wrong Side of the Tracks


You have to chase after Vagos gang members who have climbed atop a literal train. Your only option is to chase them on a dirt bike with Big Smoke who is tasked with shooting them.

Sounds simple enough right? The only problem is that Big Smoke doesn’t know how to shoot and seems to be aiming at the train half the time.

It will take you at least 30 tries or so to beat this mission, and when you’re finally done with it, the words “all you had to do was follow the damn train CJ” will be etched into your mind.

End of the Line

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One of the longest missions in the game, End of the Line pulls no punches and puts your combat skills to the test. You’ll keep dying over and over to make it through the next checkpoint of the mission – and that’s easier said than done because you have to fight several gang members who are armed to the teeth.

So there you have it, our list of the top 10 hardest missions in GTA San Andreas. Let us know if you agree with our list and send us your suggestions in the comments below!

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