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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is the latest installment in CD Projekt’s highly successful video game franchise, the Witcher series. The title smashed all kinds of video game records and was praised for its open world, combat, story, and fantastic RPG elements.

As an RPG game, the Witcher 3 features a variety of armor sets to match different play styles and combat strategies. Here is our pick of the top 10 armor sets, ranked from worst to best.

Shiadhal’s Armor


Shiadhal’s Armor set looks rather plain and slightly unimpressive. But it does have decent defense stats and can keep Geralt protected during the early stages of the game. The armor is relatively accessible because it can be purchased from most vendors – if you’ve got the coin. You can also craft it if you have the necessary ingredients.

Grandmaster Griffin Armor


In order to get the diagrams to craft this armor, you’ll have to fight off the cyclops found in an old fort in Skellige. This armor improves Geralt’s sign intensity, making it ideal to cast signs. You will need all the previous versions crafted before you can get the mastercrafted version.

Viper Armor


Not only does the Viper armor look good on Geralt but it also significantly boosts his defense stats. The diagrams needed to craft advanced Viper gear can only be purchased from Countess Mignole during the main Hearts of Stone quest called “Open Sesame”. All four diagrams cost about $1,180 crowns.

Geralt will have to craft most of the gear except for the Viper Venomous Silver Sword.

Pro tip: You’ll have to help out Olgeird von Everec for the full armor set.

Kaer Morhen Armor


Kaer Morhen armor is a staple of the game and is a safe bet for players. Geralt will don the chest armor right from the beginning of the game. It has good defenses against most types of damages. Just make sure to upgrade the armor to keep up with the game.

Skellige Armor


The Skellige armor is available as free DLC, courtesy of CD Projekt Red. It naturally aligns with Geralt’s capabilities and provides a much needed boost to his skills. It’s a great starting armor at lower stages and will help beginners get properly acquainted with combat.

Manticore School Armor


This set is only available in the Blood and Wine DLC and provides Geralt with medium-level defenses. You will have to reach Level 40 before you can use all of them.

This armor is centered around Geralt’s alchemy skillset and provides a strong boost to his maximum toxicity. It also provides critical hit effects to his bombs (only if the player equips the entire set). Wielding the swords will provide a +250 bonus to the Armor piercing.

Wolf School Armor


This gear set is available as part of a free DLC. It bears a strong resemblance to the armor that Eskel wears throughout the Witcher 3. It’s great for players who like to rely on Adrenaline during combat. You’ll need a lot of coin to complete this set, but it all pays off in the end.

Ursine School Armor


The Ursine gear provides Geralt with extremely strong defenses – pretty much the closest thing he’ll get to a bullet sponge. After you’re done fully upgrading the armor, Geralt will become nearly invincible and soak up a ton of damage. The Ursine set also provides a very strong boost to Quen sign usage by up to 200%.

Every additional piece of gear you equip provides strong Adrenaline Point bonuses.

Hen Gaidth Armor


This armor won’t be available until late into the game and is only part of the Blood and Wine DLC. It has the best armor rating in the game. Too bad, because most players will miss this set easily. The set can be found in the ‘What Lies Unseen’ quest. Each piece is found in a different container, carefully spread throughout the cave.

You’ll have to be at least level 53 to wear this gear. It offers better protection than the Grandmaster Ursine set.

Feline School Gear


This is the best armor set in the game if you want to boost Geralt’s offenses. There is one small problem though – the defense stats are extremely light. This means that you won’t be able to absorb as much damage as you would with medium or heavy armor. There is a very high chance of causing bleeding with each hit if you equip both accompanying swords.

So there you have it, our list of the top 10 armor sets in Witcher 3. Do you agree with our list or have your own suggestions? Let us know in the comments and we might update this space!

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