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For this Top 10 list I received a little help from my fiancée. I believe a woman has a better taste in female clothes, even if this is not always the case. These armor sets were carefully chosen from a huge list of masterpieces. Feel free to leave comments and suggest your own ideas.

10 Cabal 2: Force Archer

This female armor is from the upcoming Cabal 2 MMORPG. It gives the Force Archer class a neat look. It is simple, but elegant. The armor reminds me of Anna Valerius from the Van Helsing movie. The game will soon release in the NA/EU regions, and is anticipated by many Cabal fans and other MMO players.

9 Scarlet Blade: Shadow Walker

This is a Shadow Walker armor in Scarlet Blade. The Shadow Walker is a stealth using, melee DPS class. They are similar to rogues and assassins in other MMOs. The armor looks pretty amazing. The game was attacked by many for its high usage of uncensored female nudity.

8 Final Fantasy XIV: White Mage

The White Mage is a subclass of the Conjurer. This robe might seem too simple, but it looks great in my opinion and reflects the old styles of the Final Fantasy series. The Open Beta will soon release in all regions of the world.

7 Vindictus Female Armor Set

This is yet another well designed armor set that promotes skill and stands out from other ordinary skins. It looks sexy and lethal. The skin set matches the dual sword style class and gives it an assassin feel. Vindictus is a Free-to-Play MMORGP by Nexon that has great graphics but an instanced zone system.

6 Guild Wars 2: Pink Dress

This is a cloth skin set from Guild Wars 2. It looks like something a girl would choose for her character. The dress looks elegant and sexy at the same time. Its color resembles a typical feminine choice. Guild Wars 2 has a Buy-to-Play system, which means you only have to pay once.

5 Aion: Balic Cloth Set

Now this skin is something players used to spend millions of Kinah (in-game currency) on, in Aion. It looks very special and unique with the transparent elements. Even nowadays it is a very popular remodel. The skin set is crafted by tailors from Balic materials and was meant to be for level 50.

4 Forsaken World: Summer Skin

This is a summer skin set in Forsaken World. It is probably very popular for female gamers. The color is great and matches the skin’s style. It is a simple, cute and girly choice for armor skin. I really like the idea of games implementing seasonal skins, such as beachwear and Christmas costumes.

3 Blade & Soul: Female Set

This armor reminds me of the Rentus set in Aion. It looks cool and girly. This is a great of example of simplicity conveyed in a beautiful manner. Sometimes armors are made too fancy and overdone, which usually goes wrong. This armor is perfect as it is. Blade & Soul is a highly anticipated MMORPG published by NCSOFT, and will be released hopefully this year.

2 Aion: Level 60 Plate PvP Gear

This is this the level 60 eternal (augmented) plate set for PvP, used by the Elyos faction. This armor makes heads turn and eyes roll. It is not easy to get, but when you do, it brings tons of joy. The plate armor is very well designed and looks like something professional players would wear. It deserves the second place on the list without question.

1 Tera: Castanic Armor

A very well designed armor in Tera. The unique patterns make it look very interesting and distinct from many other examples of MMO armor sets. It seems to somehow combine cloth armor elements with leather in a sexy manner. I am sure that many of you will agree on the fact that Tera generally produces some quite decent looking armor sets, and this is a good example of high quality work.
This armor has won this Top 10 list, although many other sets could be considered to compete with its beauty.

This Top 10 list was dedicated to the great female armor designs that can be found in MMORPGs. The competition was tough and the decisions may not be liked by all. but hopefully preferred by many.

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