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Music knows no boundaries. Even a video game song can be as captivating as one composed by Michael Jackson. In fact, video game music is soon been recognized for its soothing yet powerful music themes. It is generally a mixture of many genres of music like rock, jazz, classical, Caribbean, ambient etc. There are a lot of different styles of video game music, let us have a look at them.

10 “The Moon” from Duck Tales

The Capcom created video game “Duck Tales” is simple amazing. You are one of the greedy millionaires who goes all around jungles and other exotic scary places while getting bonus points in the form of rubies and emeralds and killing gorillas, octopi and all sorts of wildlife with his cute pogo stick. But the outstanding part of the game is its jaw dropping composition by Yoshihiro Sakaguchi. The Moon is simply gorgeous. It is a congenial mixture of different chords of guitar. It actually gives you the feel of being a millionaire. There are many version of the song available in the market now.

9 Sonic the Hedgehog (series):

The sonic series is one of the best- selling video games of all times. Also, it hosts the best video-game music ever heard by you. Although all the games boast good music but the first game has no match. Starlight Zone is an outstanding track. A splendid disco song that has piano intertwined with horn sections of music. It is so pleasing that one would imagine why not anyone made it into a complete song. Sonic 2, though not equivalent to Sonic 1, is embellished by “Metropolis Zone” which is a yet another good piece of music.

8 Super Mario Bros- underworld theme

The “Underworld Theme” supported by this incredible game is just exemplary due to its perfect timing. After the happy ending of one level your ear drums meet with scary underworld music for a couple of seconds which prepare you for the next scary level. Phew! The feeling, the goose bumps are just out of the world. Although the music lasts for just few seconds but the impression lasts forever.

7 Chrono Trigger:

One game which takes us back into the world where fishes can fly, birds can swim and frogs can speak is Chrono Trigger. The game revolves around a young guy who befriends a young girl who is actually a princess. The princess is stuck back in time via a time machine built by a nerdy friend of this boy. Now this boy plans to get her back and his journey back in time to present is full of adrenaline rushing adventure. The music of the game is beautiful in fact the entire theme of the music is epic which takes you to a different planet.

6 The Legend Of Zelda:

This is the pinnacle of game music; nothing can be as perfect as it is. An eight-bit or a complete orchestra, the music is effing in every way. Almost every song brings a smile on your face, a smile of content, of divine music. It is the central tune that weaves all games and themes together.

5 Zombies Ate My Neighbors:

It is a run and gun game produces as Zombies in Australia and Europe. Every bit of this game is encompassed with mind-boggling music. The entire musical theme is a combination of a rocking DJ plus a Soft picnic like music. Violent, wildly exited, frantic are the adjectives one could use to describe the songs. To relish the real suspense and thrills along with some desperate music, watch out for this exclusive game.

4 Dr. Willy Stage from Mega Man 2:

Perhaps the most recognized of all Mega Man songs, Dr. Willy Stage is pretty stellar. It can be your probable reason to revisit the game again and again. It is one glorious example showcasing the beauty of 8-bit music where you need not spend lavishly on music composers and orchestra. The music is so enticing that many Mega Man lovers have produces various remixes of the song, incorporating various break-beats.

3 Super Mario Bros- Main Theme

There cannot be any human being on this planet that could have disliked the main theme of Mario. It is simply epic. This musical masterpiece has inspired many musicians to play it on their guitars, pianos, xylophones, etc. Classy in every way, it is an epitome of splendid gaming music.

2 Bubble Bobble : Main Theme

For a game topping the charts for about 25 years with the same sound tracks must have something awesome about it. And Bubble Bobble’s main theme exactly has it. The peppy music perfectly suits the title “Bubble”. The music takes you to a place where everything seems good; dragons are cute and eat fruits instead of people. Attractive music, it just pleases your ear drums whenever you hear it.

1 Blades of Steel:

The sweet theme music can hypnotize you to play the game again and again. It just pumps you with a good, sweet sort of a feeling. The tunes are rich, pansy sort. Blades of Steel is a mind-blowing ice hockey video game released in 1987 by Konami. Though all teams are fictitious but they are based on real cities in Canada and America. The game is well known for its super-fast action and fighting along with its frenetic and exciting music. It has three levels Junior, College and Pro.

The game music is as grooving as any other track from your favorite movie. These sound tracks will definitely make home in your hearts owing to their smart unique characteristics. These unreal surreal music pumps you up with sweet positive energy that inspires you to play and win.

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