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When Microsoft launched Xbox in November of 2001 it was its first step, one small step (many had assumed) into the world of gaming. But little could anyone predict that this Microsoft tool would take the gaming world by storm. Today not only has xbox enhanced the overall gaming experience but it has made sure that video games no longer remain a tv and remote co-ordination. With its special effects it brings the virtual world of the games alive in the room and the gamer and the player in the game are not different but merge as one. Therefore to make sure that no one misses the great experience that xbox offers, we enlist below the 10 must have games for XBOX.

10 Dead Rising 2

For all those who are into supernatural being and find them exciting, this Zombie survival game is a must have. One is amongst the world full of zombies and the only intention is to kill them. Dull, slow and easy target, these zombies are the USP of this game. So is the thrill of completing tasks within a given time frame and the adventure of finding weapons and zombie groups. If you have not tried this one yet, you will surely relish the pleasure of killing and slashing and thrashing the zombies to your heart content.

9 NBA 2K11

Another sport enthusiast favorite NBA 2K11 is a basketball game. Here you can experience the return of Michael Jordan on the virtual court of basketball. But that is not the only thrill this game promises. With much better controls and excellent use of artificial intelligence this game does make you work along with your player right from dribbling to shooting.

8 Batman: Arkham Asylum

For having this game you not just need to be a Batman fan or a game lover but also need to love killing joker, the greatest enemy of batman. The excitement that the movie ‘Dark Knight’ offered stands no comparison when one actually gets to experience the thrill of stopping Joker from taking over the Gotham City. This game does not just offer a gaming experience but also comes with a story line that keeps you glued.

7 FIFA 2011

When designing a game and that too for Xbox, it’s not surprising when one sees a FIFA series in the list. With more than a million football fans across the globe, no company can underestimate the potential market of FIFA. This game, FIFA 2011 is not just another one of the many installments by EA. By giving more control to the users to control his player especially while passing the ball, EA has increased its market and made it a game that is a must have for all.

6 Battle Field 3

Battlefield is one of the best games to be developed till date. With multiplayer actions there always exists an experience that everyone cherishes. The player’s journey in the battlefield begins with the game. Right from choosing which type of soldier to selecting one’s weaponry to perks it’s a journey that a soldier (you) undertake.

5 Halo Reach

Halo series is a game that deserves to be played only and only on the Xbox. Anything else just doesn’t give the same thrill and excitement as Xbox offers. Like all Halo series, Halo reach is also amazing but this comes with a better story line to offer.

4 Grand Theft Auto 4

This game seems like made for all the Nicholas cage fans who just loved him for his role as a car thief in ‘Gone in 60 Secs’. But Grand Theft Auto is much more than just car stealing. Fourth edition in its series this game offers you the fun of stealing cars as well as thrashing down all the pedestrian standing in the way. It’s a game that gives its players to do all that they want and that too in the way they want it.

3 COD: Modern Warfare 3

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 begins amidst the shooting. In this game the player finds himself fighting from one place to another as a professional shooter. Shifting from one soldier to another, from one battlefield to another this game gives one the thrill of spilling the blood of the enemy. Offering amazing graphics that ensures an outstanding overall experience, COD deserves this spot on the top 10.

2 Gears of War 3

An action packed game that follows through the Gears crew journey as they experience a lot and make it through as winners. Gears of Wars offer its players the opportunity to experience different locales as they journey along with the gear crew. But what really puts Gears of War on the second spot is the awesome exoskeleton suit that gives its players the feel of amazing power as one moves along the amazing story line and further adds to its USP.

1 Mass Effect 3

This game truly deserves this position of being Numero Uno in the gaming world of Xbox. The amazing graphics that are one of the best till date are not the only thing that captures the gamers’ interest but so is the intrigue detailing of the landscapes and the enemies. When for other games graphics and controls are enough, Mass Effects offers a lot more. The engrossing story-line forces you to play to unfold the more of the story. The details of the upcoming turmoil and every data that pops up on the scene keeps the player hooked. It’s a game that can be played for hours and still stay entertained.

Now with the top ten Xbox games and their features listed down all that is left is for you to grab your keys and head to the nearest store to get one for yourself and experience the thrill which the world is already experiencing.

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