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Video games provide a level of immersion that is hard to find in any other entertainment source. They provide escapism like no other entertainment medium promises. You can unwind yourself after a hectic day at work or relieve your stress by playing video games that interest you. These games have the power to transport you to another world of amazing landscapes and environments. The landscape of the game plays an important role in enhancing the excitement level and improving the gaming experience. Listed below are video games with Top 10 amazing landscapes:

10 Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario games are known for innovation and completely immersive landscapes. A 3-D World, Super Mario 64 is a technical feast, which hypnotize the gamer. As the gamer jump from planet to planet and he or she uncovers amazing setting one after another. The game is filled with bold and lush colors and is all set to play with perception and depth. It is a good change from typical gray and brown palates landscapes of most other video games.

9 Final Fantasy XIV ( Final Fantasy Series)

This game has one of the best developed landscapes with the rising sun. The beautiful landscape enables gamer to look beyond the characters’ emotions. The gigantic battle and greenery in the landscape is a feast to the eyes.

8 Batman: Arkham Asylum

The essence of the Batman movies and comic books has built up so much over the past 90 years that it almost seems reality to have visited Gotham City. Earlier, with movies, comics and TV, entering into the Batman’s world was only a passive experience. But this soon came to an end when Batman: Arkham Asylum was introduced. The gaming hit of Batman 2009 was striking for lots of reasons, but important among them was landscape of Arkham Asylum and real portrayal of title of Batman’s World. Gamers have never been able to experience the feeling of stepping in the cape and cowl like they are able to experience in Arkham Asylum.

7 Halo

The best thing about Halo series is that it takes action to a large scale. The landscapes of Halo series takes the player to a trip that includes locations like frozen mountains, soggy jungle and splendid Halo ring. One important ingredient which makes Halo series so popular is that its settings and landscapes are created with so much love and painstaking care that it makes the player feels that he or she is a part of that world and not just playing on some mindless slaughter machine. With wonderful lighting effects and rousing score, the landscape of Halo is really one of a kind.

6 Assassin’s Creed

Another game that was able to bagged huge fan in a very short time. The landscape of the game consists of Italy on Renaissance, the most wonderful times of humanity in a heroic search of ideologies and knowledge without getting stabbed. The crowd on the street has been pictured perfectly. It has seamless fight scenes which are perfect to physics. The beautiful landscapes in the game include dense city rooftops or Mediterranean foliage with iconic monuments which are there in the background. The best and most beautiful landscape in the game is that of Venice Carnival.

5 Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

The technical achievements and graphics of the game are far better than others video games in the market. Oblivion is flooded with thousands of races, characters, location and amazing landscapes. These landscapes are so beautiful that they can put the postcards and wallpapers to shame. It doesn’t show green hills or blue skies rather it has hellish realm. It surely is the all-encompassing landscapes.

4 Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Why just sit and watch an adventure movie when you can make your own? Yes, seriously. Uncharted 2 has all colorful villains, exotic landscapes, gigantic action sets, intriguing romances that can all be seen in Indiana Jones movies. The action in the game is at breakneck speed but what makes it admirable is the vistas and graphic quality that come during the journey. The perilous cliffs and rainforests of Nepal and the Shambhala’s fabled city make its landscapes wonderful.

3 Flower

One of the best landscaped based game ever being invented, Flower. This game has beautiful sceneries and the gamer as a rose petal tries to enter into city in an attempt to bring men and nature close to each other but the industry making it impossible. The idea of playing as a flower petal might not look interesting at first but when the player move through vertically amazing canyons, moonlit fields and lush green valleys, it makes it worth playing.

2 LittleBigPlanet 2 (LittleBigPlanet Series)

Little Big Planet 2: A game with the best landscape. What makes its landscape the best? It is you. Seriously! The game allows its user to choose the background according to their choice and what can be better than your own choice. You can make a block flying. It is simple. You can set the cloud level according to your liking. The things that you can design according to wish are just limitless.

1 Mass Effect

This role-playing video game has a wonderful space opera. The game has some wonderful aliens’ world to spaceship. Surely it is the dream world for guys who love to go on a fantasy ride. It is a visual treat for the gamers. The landscape is thrilling, lush and engrossing which can captivate the gamers.

The effect of realism added to the video games because of the amazing landscapes adds to the popularity of each game tremendously. In most cases the landscape has the same effect as the one in an art museum.

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