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Despite popular belief not all video game based movies are suicide inducing. Some are really praiseworthy! The films in the following list are not classics by any means but as far as their genre is considered they are the safest bets. Let us have a deep study of each of these.

10 Hitman:

Directed by Xavier Gens, Hitman is one of the most popular of all the sci-fi plots. Based on a video game named Hitman, this movie is pretty enjoyable when you put aside the crappy editing and some rehashed clips. The movie pivots around a gun-for-hire man named Agent 47. The film stars Dougray Spot and Timothy Olyphant who have done a fairly decent job. Though disliked by everyone initially, the sci-fi plot caught the appreciating eyes of the famous critic Roger Ebert. This news is big because a critic who has disliked almost all such video game-to-movie adaptations gave Hitman 4 stars. It is a less violent film, emphasizing more on the relationship of characters of the story.

9 Silent Hill:

No film can be as perfect an adaptation of a video game as Silent Hill. It is a sheer horror plot directed by Christophe Gans. The movie is adapted from the video game named Silent Hill created by Konami. The movie during its release came into limelight for its outstanding, scariest music which is as such taken from the original track of the game. The best part of the film is its inevitable yet unpredictable ending which weaves all the different clippings in the movie together and gives it a concrete form.

8 Mortal Kombat:

Mortal Kombat, a cheesy plot, has been one of the most popular game adaptations till date. Directed by Paul W. S. Anderson, the movie resembles more of a kung-fu story. The entire film is commendable in the respect that it chooses to focus on characters relating to common man’s life. One of the most financially successful of all game adapted movies, MK has some really good, jaw-dropping fight scenes.

7 Max Payne:

Directed by John Moore and penned down by Beau Thorne, Max Payne was released in 2008 and is based on a similar named video game. The entire story pivots around revenge taking of a policeman wandering in the streets of New York, investigating rigorously through the under -world mafias to find the murderers of his wife and children. The movie employs some exclusive visual effects which may be eye-disturbing. Post the release of film though the reviews were mostly not in favor of the film, yet the producers managed to earn descent revenue in the first week of the release.

6 Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

This movie hardly shares anything with the game except the title. Well, Final Fantasy was a technical masterpiece that did not received the recognition it deserved. The movie contains some scenes that are nerve jerking. The plot involves a team of scientists trying to save the earth from a group of aliens. The movie encompassed a strong environmentalist message too but releasing it with some blockbusters like Jurassic park III was not the greatest of ideas.

5 Doom:

Directed by Andrzej Bartkowiak, Doom was released in 2005 and is based on Doom series of video-games. Though not greatest of a game movie, it presents you some spine-chilling, mind-numbing action scenes. Though not completely adapted from the game, the quality would have certainly improved had it included the game storyline. The movie apart from all criticism uses a first person camera angle which is commendable.

4 Prince of Persia:

Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, a Walt Disney movie, Prince of Persia was released in 2005. The film is an adaptation of 2003 released game of the similar name created by Ubisoft Montreal. The crew of the movie includes Gemma Arterton, Jake Gyllenhaal and Ben Kingsley. It received mixed reviews from critics as well as the audience. Though it does not contain much substance but the movie is an amazing improvement in the genre of game based movies.

3 Resident Evil Series:

Resident Evil series is a game based movie, adapted from a video-game of the same name and created by Capcom. The first movie of the series came in 2001 with its distribution rights held by Constantin Film. Thereafter, the distribution rights were acquired by Sony while Paul Anderson was made the writer and director of Resident Evils 2002. He remained the director of all the following movies of the series.

2 Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

Inspired or rather adapted from Tomb Raider video-game series, this movie is a suspense thriller. Starring the gorgeous Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft the film was a hit at box office under the direction of Simon West. Post its release the film broke the previous records of all game based movies and emerged as the most successful amidst them. Though the reviews were largely on a negative slope but Angelina was highly praised for her commendable performance.

1 Street Fighter: The Movie

Directed by Steven de Souza, Street Fighter is an amazing American action plot. Though based on a similar named video-game, the film alters the original storyline and focuses more on its characters. First of its kind in presenting the exact dosage of technical mastery and comical sequential, the movie was a huge success. Though a success at box office, it had to taste criticisms both from the critics as well as the audience due to change in the original story of the game. However, the performance of the cast was highly appreciated.

All the above movies don’t provide you with hard-core entertainment but definitely make you think of the beauty of a video-game based movie contains. The tactics, the craftiness employed by the directors of these movies are outstanding.

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