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Aion is a Korean game by NCSOFT. It is a PvPvE MMORPG due to its unique combination of PvP and PvE elements. It cannot be considered easy and definitely not a game where you reach max level and BiS (Best in Slot) gear in a few weeks. There are four primary classes: Warrior, Scout, Mage and Priest that each have two sub-classes: Templar, Gladiator, Assassin, Ranger, Sorcerer, Spiritmaster, Chanter and Cleric. The new 4.0 expansion adds two more classes: Gunslinger and Bard. The game’s precisely designed world and combat system make it one of the best PvP MMOs out there. This Top 10 list will attempt to show the main reasons for trying it out.

10 Decent Community

The game’s community is great in all of the separate regions. A great amount of cooperation and support defines most of the core players of Aion. The mass PvP events encourage gamers to play in groups or even alliances and leagues. A significant amount of communication is required for both the PvE and the PvP aspects of the game. If you are antisocial or have a language barrier, this game is not recommended for you.

9 Mentor System

The Mentor System was introduced in version 2.5. It enables high level characters to aid leveling players without stealing too much XP points. It can be used while questing and in dungeons too. It benefits both the mentor and the mentee. Mentor Quests provide Orichalcum tokens for the mentor that can be turned in for various gear and other valuable items. This encourages high level players to help rookies and provides the fresh starters with decent support.

8 Exciting Crafting System

Crafting in Aion is quite unique. It is not just about collecting materials and crafting them into items. The crafting system in Aion is based on pure luck. When crafting certain consumables and gear there is a chance to craft better ones. Many of the crafted gear require previously crafted items. This system can be very exciting, but frustrating in some cases.

7 A Faction Not Controlled By Players

Aion has three main factions: Elyos, Asmodian and Balaur. Out of these three two can be picked, Elyos and Asmodian; and the third one is Artificial Intelligence. The Balaur are at war with both factions and can interfere with PvP events between the Elyos and the Asmodian in many cases, such as Fortress Sieges. This adds an exciting unpredictable feature to the game. The Balaur are also present in many of the PvE content.

6 Aerial Combat

All players in Aion receive a set of wings after completing the starting area at level 10. In certain zones players are allowed to fly for a restricted amount of time depending on their type of wings. At level 25 players enter a huge PvP zone called Abyss where real PvP begins. The whole area is open for flying which enhances the PvP experience. The 3.0 update also brought along the Mount System. Mounts can be used in certain zones to increase travel speed.

5 Pets

Pets in Aion serve multiple purposes. At first glance they are cute and adorable. Some pets serve as extensions to the player’s inventory, which in Aion is essential. Other pets are utilized in PvP, as they inform the owner when an enemy player is around. There are pets that automate the looting and buffing system, and ones that produce crafting materials and enchantment stones.

4 Housing System

The Housing System in Aion was introduced in the 3.0 Patch. Each player can start a quest at level 21 which will provide them with a free studio (apartment) to start off with. If you want something bigger you can start bidding on houses, mansions, estates and even palaces at the real estate auctioneer in the separate zone for housing. These can be decorated in many ways. They not only look good but can be equipped with various sources of valuable items, such as currency for PvP gear (relics that provide Abyss Points). Villages improve as players living in them complete daily quests.

3 PvE Content

Aion has a very unique way of treating PvE. Even when enjoying PvE elements of the game, players can acquire resources for PvP items. This is what the game is all about. There are lots of solo and group dungeons to complete with various rewards. Some might get annoyed by Aion’s low loot drop rate, but on the long run you will be a lot happier when an item drops for you. With every expansion and update Aion introduces carefully designed dungeons that can really test your skills. Many dungeons are deliberately made to acquire relics and medals that are required for PvP gear.

2 Arena System

Aion has a separate arena PvP system that provides players with decent PvP items. There are different type of arenas including Cooperation and Discipline. When participating in Arenas players earn insignias that provide them with PvP gear, consumables and remodels for armor. Arenas are open at given times each day. You receive tickets each day that are necessary to enter. The PvP armor you can get here are different and in some cases weaker than the ones you can get from Abyss Points and medals, but they are a great way to start off PvP.

1 First Class PvP

Aion is all about PvP. You begin to collect Abyss Points from the early stages of the game. These, when combined with medals depending on the level, can be turned in for high quality PvP items. PvP in Aion occurs in many forms, from soloing to mass structured PvP. The factions constantly battle in PvP zones for relics, keys and Abyss Points. It is almost impossible to play Aion without having to PvP at some point. At certain times Fortress Sieges occur where in many cases hundreds of players clash in exciting PvP warfare. I recommend this game for true PvP players who don’t mind having to spend weeks or even months to achieve a single PvP item.

Aion is a very complex MMORPG that is popular worldwide. It is under constant development with new zones and features added. The 4.0 patch has already been released in Korea and Russia; and is soon to be released in other regions. I personally love the game and recommend it to skilled PvP players.

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