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Sony’s Playstation 3 represents the most powerful console on the market. The quality of recent video games has turned the media into an art form, with many high profile games competing with Hollywood blockbusters in terms of budget and revenue. The ability to play PSX and PS2 games makes the potential list of greats immense, but this list will focus on the top ten games and franchises for the PS3 itself.

10 Batman: Arkham City

Not every superhero game is a smash hit. Many, like the N64 appearance of Superman or the Aquaman game, are better off forgotten and discarded. The adventure of the Dark Knight in Arkham City clearly distinguishes itself from these follies. The gritty and mature world of Batman comes to life in a blend of action and detective work. Unfortunately, you won’t get your hands on the Batmobile, but with the advancement in gameplay Arkham City has over Arkham Asylum, we might get lucky in the next release in the series.

9 Heavy Rain

Showcasing just how far video games have come as a storytelling medium, Heavy Rain is a dark, mature thriller. As the player feels themselves a part of the story, the tension and stress of the scenario is arguably more effective than if the same story was portrayed in the theater. Tracking down a serial killer is not quite as epic as saving the world from rampaging zombies or aliens, but what it lacks in epic scale it makes up in quality storytelling that grips you from the very beginning.

8 Infamous series

Infamous is a game similar to the other sandbox games such as GTA, Prototype, and Arkham City. You control a lightning-powered vigilante who gets some surprisingly fun and unique powers, such as gliding along power lines. The focus of the game is on choice, and going “good” or “bad” will have an impact on the powers available to you.

7 Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The expansive country of Skyrim, set in Bethesda’s lore-heavy Elder Scrolls universe, offers more to do than almost any other game in existence. You can easily spend 100 hours playing the game without advancing the main storyline beyond the introduction. This game should come with a warning that it can easily suck up all of your free time for months, and still leave you with content to explore.

6 Little Big Planet series

Half side-scrolling platformer, half creative level design tool, Little Big Planet is a game like no other on the list. Even with primarily two dimensional movements, the game is a fun experiment in puzzle physics in a light-hearted and artistic atmosphere. The PSN supports the creative functions of the game, and there are always new and interesting levels through which to guide your little doll.

5 Dark Souls

While not directly related in storyline to Demon’s Souls, the two games are linked in their unforgiving and brutal gameplay design. The game puts the player through a dungeon crawl with the barest outline of a plot, and you spend your time collecting souls and humanities. Upon death, a frequent occurrence, the player drops all of their collected currencies, and has just one chance to collect them. If the player dies again before retrieving them, they are lost permanently. The difficulty is reminiscent of an earlier time in gaming history and makes every success in the game that much more rewarding.

4 Call of Duty franchise

It would be impossible to have a top 10 list without mentioning the Call of Duty series. While its popularity often leads to immense criticism, no one can deny the impact it has on the video game market. Each step forward in the series offers a worthwhile single player campaign and tweaks to the multiplayer formula that has proven itself over time.

3 The Uncharted Series

Recalling to mind the glory days of the adventures of Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider franchise, both Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves put the player through gun fights, puzzles, acrobatic sequences, and an intense story. If you enjoyed the Tomb Raider series, you will definitely love Uncharted.

2 God of War 3

Taking control of Kratos, the undeniably awesome slayer of most of what Greek mythology has to offer, in his first next-gen appearance is an amazing experience. From enemies smaller than him, to titanic and imposing gods, Kratos will find a way to massacre them in glorious and brutal style. The focus on epic violence also does not detract from the storytelling. While not a Dostoyevsky masterpiece, the story is engaging and makes you feel good about ruthlessly slaughtering everything in front of you.

1 Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

The Metal Gear Solid franchise has always been a source of great espionage action and intensity, with often borderline crazy storylines. MGS4 is no different, and taking control of a rapidly aging Solid Snake puts no damper on the action. The gameplay is another step forward from the past while still remaining decisively in the style of the series. There is a massive amount of cut scenes in the game, leading some to comment that it is more movie than game. But the high quality of the scenes and engrossing story, still make it an artistic masterpiece no PS3 owner should go without playing.

Any list of great games is primarily subjective, and with any limited list some worthy games will unfortunately be left out, such as Killzone and Resistance. With more quality games being released every month, the list of potential games to play grows constantly. The above games are a good starting point, but be sure to try every game you can get your hands on. You might just find the perfect game for you in the place you least expect it.

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