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The emphasis of the Top 10 Obscure SNES Gems is more on the strategy of thinking and shooting accurately. You become the pilot of a battle where the mechanical equipment can be upgraded into a missile launcher, laser cannon or flamethrower. The shield is equally an important piece of equipment, which can protect you against any enemy attack. Listed herein are the top 10 of such. Starting from no. 10….

10 Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers

The game is based in kid’s cartoon shows. In the late 80’s as well as the early 90’s, Capcom produced numerous entertaining games together with licensed Disney entertainment themes for the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). The Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers has the best balance of challenge and fun in a plat former. It is an exciting game for many mid-range players. The game may not be exciting when played alone, it need 2 players simultaneously playing together.

9 Duck Tales

The Duck Tales is an adventure game. There are 5 levels in the Duck Tales including the Amazon, Transylvania, the Himalayas, the moon and African mine. Each of the levels contains a million dollar treasure. You are the Scrooge; your task is to go through the levels, to beat the boss and to the treasure. Along the way, you can also collect extra money. The levels are non-linear and large giving room for plenty exploration.

8 Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout

This is a side-scrolling adventure where the player gets to control the popular Warner Brothers character Bugs Bunny in pursuit of the 500th birthday party. Armed with a mallet, he tries to swing it at several enemies in order to defeat them. In the process, he destroys bricks and deflects certain projectiles. In the process, he can collect hearts for purposes of restoring his health and collects carrots as bonus points. By the end of the levels, Bugs Bunny will seek to defeat any of the Warner Brothers characters including the Tasmanian devil, Foghorn Leghorn or Sylvester using his mallet.

7 The Snake Rattle n Roll

The Snake Rattle n Roll is an unusual and unique NES game you can play. The idea is that you are the snake that has to eat everything that is on sight on your way to the mountains in order to capture a flag that is at the top. The mountains contain many enemies and obstacle that stand on the way. Furthermore, as the snake, you will be required to eat “pibbleys” in each of the levels so that the tail grows and you will weigh more to tip over the scale that paves way for the next level.

6 Panic Restaurant

This is a side-view platform game that can scroll in any direction you seek to be moving. It features 6 levels each of which feature approximately 5 minute time limit. The levels are restaurants populated with anthropomorphic food items that seek to kill you. To fight back effectively, you have a frying pan that you use to whack things away. You will need to swing the pan quickly. You can also get a fork, dish and spoon as you go.
The fork works the same way like pogo sticks that allow you to stomp the foes. The dishes are projectile weapons thrown a short distance in the direction of a downward arc. The spoon is notably bigger, compared to the frying pan; nonetheless, it works in the same way.

5 Rockin’ Kats

Rockin’ Kats is an example of a game where the developer generated unusual playing mechanics. In this case, Willy the hero is a cat character with old styled cartoon guns that fire a boxing glove as opposed to bullets. The glove propels him away from the walls and floors, latches certain background objects and defeats enemies. Willy cannot however, pull himself straight up using the glove. He instead spins rapidly around objects in a 360-degree motion.

When he lets go he is send flying. Therefore, timing is important to send him towards the right direction and the right distance.

4 The New Zealand Story

This is a 1988 game developed by Taito. The game features different levels. The goal of every level is to take Tiki safely through the levels by avoiding enemy spikes and fire and to rescue one of the kiwi friends in the end. The weapons start out in the form of arrows, which can be transformed into bouncing fireballs or lasers. These can act out differently and what matters is the location of the player.
The main feature about the game is the capacity of riding a variety of vehicles including UFOs, blimps and balloons. The vehicles can be obtained ready for use, alternatively they can be stolen.

3 Adventures of Rad Gravity

Adventures of Rad Gravity was developed by the Interplay Production and published by the Activision in 1990.The game features an interesting storyline where the main character takes the initiative to explore multiple planets and to fight enemies while jumping different levels. The storyline asserts that in the future human beings colonized different planets and established a type of biotechnology called Compuminds.

This component had the capacity of communicating rapidly around the planets. For some reason, the villain sought to shut the Compuminds and to hide them. Eventually Kakos, one of these Compuminds is found. Rad Gravity, the game’s hero together with Kakos seeks to find eight missing Compuminds.

2 Little Nemo: The Dream Master

The storyline features around a quite night where a blimp approaches the window of a boy called Nemo. Nemo is suddenly awakened and learns about the request from the Princess of Slumber land who sought to meet with him. He also learns later on that the notable Prince of nightmares had kidnapped the king. Therefore, it was up to Nemo to save the king.

1 Yo! Noid

Yo! Noid is a 2D action video game developed by the Now Productions and published by Capcom to cater for the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). According to the storyline, wild slime like creatures, led by the notable Mr. Green, were running around the New York City causing havoc. The mayor of New York City chose to call Noid in order to stop the trouble in the city and to save everyone. In return, he would get a massive pizza as a reward.

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System offers gamers with many options to choose. Therefore, the SNES lives as one of the most collectible and popular consoles available. You can expect to benefit from a wide range of options available in the market place. Some of the options can be played singly while several of them encourage the participation of two gamers.

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