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Redemption RSPS

Redemption RSPS

Find hot local singles in your area on this custom RSPS. Gambling, Mobile client, custom raids and bosses, and more! Visit

BoomScape OSRS | Mobile | RuneLite | GROUP IR...

BoomScape OSRS | Mobile | RuneLite | GROUP IRONMAN | Play NOW!

OSRS RSPS | RuneLite | Mobie | Group Ironman | Custom Presets | Boss Pets | Construction | All Bosses | RAIDS Visit



OSRS - Group Ironman - OSGP Events - Mobile - Runelite - Raids - Inferno Visit



2.5 Years Old | 5 Full Raids | Gambling | Custom Skilling | Custom PvM | Daily Events | World Bosses | Perks & Item Buffs | Collection Log | Weekly Updates... Visit

Simplicity RSPS - Tombs of Amascut

Simplicity RSPS - Tombs of Amascut

The #1 Pre-EOC Server | Tombs of Amascut | 10x10 AoE Events | Emperor Massacre | AoE Weapons | Full Raids 1 & 2 | Nightmare | Executive Drake | Staff of Ne... Visit

LUNA RS Runelite/Mobile|Nex|Gauntlet|Weekly U...

LUNA RS Runelite/Mobile|Nex|Gauntlet|Weekly Updates|Raids

Play on Runelite and Mobile| Vardorvis & Duke | Virtus | Nex: The Fifth general | Phantom Muspah | The Gauntlet | TOB | COX | Collection log | Weekly Upda... Visit


NebulaScape – 317 – Old School Fun!

NebulaScape – 317 – Old School Fun!

 NebulaScape – 317 – Old School Fun! The main point of NebulaScape is to bring a little bit of fun back to private servers some mini-games will b... More




Runelite | HD | Unique Rares | The Great Olm | The Nightmare Boss | Verzik Vitur | Alchemical Hydra | Vorkath | Ironman | Weekly OSRS Giveaways | Achieveme... More



Historia is a 718/RS3/OSRS server that is striving to hit the nostalgia mark while also providing newer content from both RS3 and OSRS. This allows all pla... More



Infernality is a 718 with OSRS content. Our goal is to provide a Unique & Nostalgic Experience for our playersServer Features -Different Exp Modes... More


ShadowRealm RSPS

ShadowRealm RSPS

317 Server Loading 211 Community Driven RSPSCustom Home Zone | Raids 1 & 2 | Achievement System | Vote Boss |Boss Pets | Custom Mystery Boxes | Daily L... More


Lunasty 317

Lunasty 317/OSRS/Semi-Custom Lunasty is a brand-new server welcoming all types of play styles! We have a multitude of content available for every player to... More



 Joining Bonus | Brand new May Launch | Automated Gambling | Unique Maps | Frequent Events | Item Upgrading  More


Exile - OSRS

Features:- Frequent Updates Plus New Content- New Interfaces- Large Amount of Bosses- Runelite & Working Hiscores- 117 HD & GPU- Custom Chambers of... More


Sarin RSPS

RSPS with raids 1 and 2, bosses, skilling tasks, all slayer helms, semi custom, no OP gear, TOA items, custom raid, all skills, gambling More



 We have got: -> POS | Full & Fully working TOB | Wilderness Boss Event | Daily Task System | 4 Gamemodes(Normal/Ironman/Hardcore Ironman/OSRS)... More


Vitur - Semi Custom OSPS

Vitur - Semi Custom OSPS

 VITUR.ioA Semi-Custom OSRS MASTERPEICE-Mature & Helpful Staff Team-Full Runelite-Flower Poker-Nex-Upgrade Machine-Vote Boss-117 HD Settings-Night... More


Tarn Server

 Tarn Server V2ReimaginedCome join the new custom experience! Scaled custom instances, custom trading post, custom raids, custom bosses, the first ser... More



Introducing Solara - A Fully Custom RSPS Adventure!🌟 Explore a brand new realm in the world of Custom Servers with Solara! 🌟🔥 Immerse yourself in a captiva... More



Gladiator awaits a brave warrior willing to go full force against our mighty foes. Choose between waves of enemies or player vs player arena. Chests are on... More



 Unleash the Adventure in Scythia - The Ultimate RuneScape Custom Server!  Welcome, brave adventurers, to the mystical realm of Scythia!&nbs... More


Vidyascape - Full oldschool Runescape 2007 ga...

VidyaScape is the most complete revision 474 (Halloween of 2007) recreation ever created and has been online since 2014.There are no custom drop tables, no... More


Kingdom - Free AoE

Kingdom - Free AoE

 Kingdom currently has 350+ active players online! This server offers players a unique experience to earn quick cash & gear to make their accounts... More




Join this NEW Custom RSPS With Weekly Updates & 400 Players Online! Does Primal Offer Free Referral Codes? ::freedonator – Claim A FREE Donat... More


CustomX - Free Donor

CustomX - Free Donor

 Does CustomX Offer Referral Commands? ::freedonator – Claim A FREE Donator Rank::freesp – Claim A FREE Season Pass To Earn Extra Rewards::freebo... More


A community built for all (OSRS | PvP | Eco)

 Aurora is a semi-custom PvP | Economy focused OSRS-PS. We offer a wide variety of 1:1 OSRS content ranging from accurate skilling to bossing and mini... More




TOB | Nightmare | Chambers Of Xeric | Eco & PK Mode | Collection Logs | Prestige System | Daily Tasks More



 Embark on an epic journey down memory lane as we reforge the legacy of our classic economy-based RSPS! Immerse yourself in a vibrant community, metic... More



FizzerX is a 317 Allstar - Don't worry, we remastered it!Come enjoy the game and nostalgia!We strive to make the best oldschool rsps, packed with content y... More



Link to Discord https://discord.gg/hDj7zC6Cky Come Join Today! More



Welcome to the most incredible Damned on the internet! We are so excited to have you join our community, and we hope you have an amazing time here.#Feature... More



#1 317 - Lots of Minigames - PvM - PvP, Bosses, Raids, Void Walker, Runelite Launcher, Torva Set, Lots more! More


Arcadia RSPS

Arcadia RSPS

Arcadia is a 718 with OSRS content.Our goal is to provide a Unique & Nostalgic Experience for our players and build a growing community!Server Features... More



🌟 Welcome to Nyxar - Embark on a Legendary Adventure! 🌟🔥 Unleash the Power of Group Ironman 🔥Are you ready for a gaming experience like no other? Dive into... More




 The Best PvP & PvM Orientated Online MMORPG | The Great Olm | The Nightmare Boss | Verzik Vitur | Alchemical Hydra | Ironman | Achievements | Pro... More



OzaraPS - The #1 CustomPS! More


Dodian IS BACK JOIN NOW: discord.com/invite/P...

Dodian IS BACK JOIN NOW: discord.com/invite/Pt48Bgm8

PLAY HERE: https://www.mediafire.com/file/rsm6lqojpp0d506/NextProjectClient-ended.rar/fileEXTRACT AND OPEN AND PRESS RUN!Full working slayerGreat economyFa... More



 LostScape features tons ofPvMEconomyCustomsLostScape is under on-going development. What you see now does not reflect the final image for LostScape.&... More



LegionPS, a fresh 718 eco packed with tons of content, NEW and ready to explode with players!Features:New interfaces718 RSPS Fully Loading OSRS/New RS3 ite... More



 SoulScape is brand new custom server with a lot of unique custom content and features and full of quality of life improvement. You can expect daily u... More


Decimate Ultimate

317 || Custom Bosses || Custom never seen before content || Group Ironman More


Entrana - Best OSRS RSPS 2024

Discover a world of flawless gameplay and unique content that sets us apart from the rest. Entrana RSPSboasts a myriad of features, including automated gam... More



 RELEASING ON THE 15TH OF MARCH!RuneGuild is back after a few years and better than ever!Custom Raids "Vault of Daemonheim"Full Runelite clientVoid Wo... More

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