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World of your dream

World of your dream

Feel the unforgettable atmosphere of the 2000s only on our server. It will be difficult, sometimes long, but always fun! See you in Prontera near the hotel... More


OldschoolRO - Midrate

OldschoolRO - Midrate

OsRO Mid-Rate is a Private Ragnarok Online Server running on the latest hercules emulator. We have exclusive server features and rates of 150x/150x/, which... More


Elves Origin

Elves Origin

 DX9 Client ServerGreetings, Elves!Head on over to the registration page and give us a go!Rates: 70k/70k/70kMvP Cards: 5%Main town: Prontera City (go... More


Mystic Realms: RO

The best 255/120 DarkRO-Based Server is now online! Come join us for a unique experience. Auto Battle Available, AndRO Available, and lots of never-seen be... More


RockMMO - Episode 20 Immortal

RockMMO - Episode 20 Immortal

• 4th Expanded Job • 2 Servers 50x and 1000x • Level 260/55 • New Class • New monsters • New Maps • News Skills & Itens kRO/jRO/iRO 2024 • Episode 20 I... More


Oldschool Ragnarok Online

Oldschool Ragnarok Online

Oldschool Ragnarok Online is a Private Ragnarok Online Server running on the latest hercules emulator. We have exclusive server features and rates of 3,000... More


Nyro (4th Job Server)

FIRST-EVER SUPER HIGH RATE RAGNAROK SERVER WITH 4TH JOBS! Pre-Renewal with few renewal features. Server Rates: 50k 50k 5k Max Stats: 500 120 Gem System Win... More


DevaRO - Reborn

DevaRO - Reborn

20/20/5 | 99/70 | Ep 13.2 Encounter with the Unknown | Class Balance Combat - RevoClassic | Evolutive Options | Many new endgame contents Competitive PVP a... More


Adventures RO

Adventures RO

New Ragnarok Online Server // International Community with Multi Language Support // Pre-Renewal System // 10x10x10x Rates // Play 2 Earn System: Sell your... More


Forsaken Ragnarok Online

Forsaken Ragnarok Online

6k/6k/100 max lvl 255/255 questable/votable donations guild/newbie packs up for 5+ years, no wipes, stable intense WOE/GVG/PVP More


BraveRO - High Rates

Rates: 10k/10k/3k || MaxLvl: 500/120 || MvP Cards: 3% || Instance Dungeons || Active Battlegrounds || PvP Events || Flexible WoE Schedule || Friendly GMs |... More


AeRO Gaming Artificial Entertainment

High rate(999/80) Mid rate(255/80) Eternal(99/120/70 with 3rd Jobs) No Roll Back, No Wipe Out, Friendly GMs and Supportive, Daily events, Stable and... More



Custom Pre-Renewal International Server currently on Episode 14.2, Start your journey to vanquish Thalongtos with the help of the butete's! | 255/120 Frost... More


Midgard Tales

Midgard Tales

High Rate / 4th Jobs / Episode 20 / Ready2Play / Stable Server / No P2W with Zeny to Cash system / No Bot, Macro or AFK farmers / Gepard Client protection... More


Project Academy

A fresh high rate server for everyone to enjoy! More


FlexRO Halloween Event Started!

Pre-Renewal, Low Rates: 20/20/5, MaxLvl 99/70. Casual server, Join during Halloween Event to earn good exp, zeny, flex coins, card albums consumables, and... More



Astral MMORPG is a high-rate Ragnarok private server that aims to cater a one of a kind experience to its players. With our bread and butter -- the Astral... More


Hanabi RO

 Episodio 13.3 - El Dicastes | Servidor Elemental 255/120 | Floating Rates | Random Options | Instancias | Desafios 99/70 Classic | PvP & WoE stat... More




Looking for an exciting and immersive Ragnarok Online gaming experience? Look no further than Ragnarealms, the ultimate server for all RO enthusiasts! With... More


MemorialRO | Opening on Saturday, December 9t...

MemorialRO | Opening on Saturday, December 9th!

Pre-Renewal 3x/3x/3x Episode 13.2 | Only SINGLE client | No shitty customs | No Pay2win | Added Quality of Life features! | No Job Master | Only Town Warpe... More




 Server START January 2 (01/02/2024) 16:00 (UTC +03:00) | PRE-RE | Rate 5x/5x/10x | Max Lv. 50/50 |Episode: Custom World (Item 13.2) Server Mechanics:... More


Ragnarok México

Ragnarok México

 Hecho a la vieja escuela, Servidor Pre-Renewall 1600x/ 1600x /50x Mob Customs, Mas de 500 objetos personalizados (Alas, Gorras, Globos, Mochilas, Aur... More


Unite Ragnarok Online

PK and Farm ServerBase/JobLv: 255/120 Transcendent Jobs Base Exp. Rate: x8000Job Exp. Rate: x8000  More


Vision Ragnarok Online

VisionRO is a free to play, 255/100 unfrozen private server that offers a lot of exciting server features and fun events! Our aim is to give you the best g... More


Might Ragnarok Online

10000 Base Experience10000 Job Experience1000 x Drop RatesCustom MVP Cards 0.5% to 5%Custom Mini Boss Card 1% to 20%Rare Cards 0.5%Kiel BasedPK, Unfrozen S... More


Leika Ragnarok Online

LeikaRO is an unique low-rate renewal server under constant development. Hercules based and heavily tweaked in order to deal with the the vast majority of... More


Aquarium Ragnarok Online

International Server: 6000K - 6000K / MaxLv 255/100 | Custom Instances - RTM System - Hunting MVPS - Server PK - PVP - KoE - WoE and much more, join this a... More




Online since 26 April 2022Pre-Renewal (99/70)- 100% Drop Rate (MVP Cards 2.5%)- Cool freebies- No custom equipment- Few small skill and item modifications-... More




*Renewal *Rates 10/10/5. *Mvp cards 0.01. *No custom. *Eventos automaticos. *Sistema de recompensas con cash .*Puntos PvP intercambiables por cash.*NO PAY... More

173 48


Shining Moon

Shining Moon

Episode 18.1 - All 4th classes and their skills working Helheim - kRO only - Niflheim: iRO/jRO/kRO items. Set your own EXP-rates between 1-100x. All instan... More




 Level:255/120 / Status: 230 / Aspd: 195 Cartas Normais: 5% / Cartas Boss e Mini-Boss: 1% / Staff 100% Dedicada / Vários Eventos / SERVIDOR FULL QUEST... More

177 35


RagnaSaga Full PvP

> Lançamento Oficial 20/10/2023 às 18:00 < Servidor Pré RE - Ep. Encontro com o Desconhecido - Sem Custom Items - Transclasses - 255/120 - ASPD Max:... More

169 32


Революция Рагнарок

Революция Рагнарок

 [Эпизод: 18 ~ Направление молитвы] [4 профессии]   [Рейты: 50x/50x/20x] [Опытная Администрация] [Уникальные NPC] [Макс. Уровень 250/50] [Макс. С... More


Divine Ragnarok Online

Divine Ragnarok Online 255 / 120 Farm server Friendly GM best community in town More


Vice Ragnarok Online

Step into an exciting adventure with Vice Ragnarok Online, where a lively community of adventurers awaits your arrival. Immerse yourself in gameplay that s... More


Gem Ragnarok Online

Gem Ragnarok Online

Vote for points to exchange ingame items! More




Rates 40x40x30x / Max Lv. 200/70 / Un divertido servidor de interés para todos los que disfrutan del sistema renewal. Sistma VIP al alcance de todos. Warpe... More


Divine Ascension RO

Divine Ascension RO

Classic RO End-Game Expansion !Fun - Lots Of Challenges - Supportive Staff - Constantly Updated.Multi-Class Specializations System, Reborns, Lv 5 Weapon, G... More


Frank Gaming Artificial Entertainment

Server Rates: 2000.00x / 2000.00x / 1000.00x - MaxLevel: 255 80 - Stable Balanced  - Farming & Quest Economy Based On Server - No Wipes - Friendly... More



WarfareRO stands as a High Rate server, employing the most up-to-date and dependable server to enhance the Quality of Life for our cherished players. We ar... More


Book of Ymir

Book of Ymir

Mid-Rate RO Server | Singapore Host | Episode 13.2 | Pre-Renewal | Max Level 99/70 | Max ASPD 192 | Max Stats 99 | Base & Job EXP 200x | Normal Drops 2... More


Into The Unknown Ragnarok Online




ON 24/7 {since May 2007}, Friendly GM, High Rates 550k/550k/100%, 4 slot eqs except shield 2 slot, Mall with card seller, Level Seller, Treasure (Gold) Roo... More


Laguna Realm

Servidor high rates mexicano con PK activo • Rates: 1k/1k/ Cartas: normales 5% | MVP: 1% • Renewal: 3ras clases con mecánicas (casteo, aspd, stats) de Pre-... More


Havoc SAGA

Havoc SAGA

Renewal, 25x25x EXP, Drop Rate 5x, Max Lv. 150/70, 2-1/2-2 Trans Classes, Daily Quest/QoL Improvements & Auto Combat. More



Meet the good old Ragnarok Online in the best traditions. High Rate server with the latest news. Fast leveling and farming. Join now! More




Nuevo servidor hecho a la vieja escuela queremos hacer un servidor donde no cueste levantar pero sea duradero y competitivo si estas buscando nostalgia y r... More


XatiyaRO - Tu servidor español de RO

Servidor español de rates 10x/10x/9x. Más de 5 años en línea sin resets. Host dedicado, seguro y sin lag. Administración profesional. Anti-bot/wpe/mods. Ac... More


NiktoutRO Chaos 100k 100k 10k is back

Your old NiktoutRO Chaos Super High Rate Server is back ! 100k.100k.10k Max level 999/150, Max stats 500, auto events, Gold Room, vote rewards, item mall,... More


Midgard Ragnarok Online

Midgard Ragnarok Online

Midrates: 65X/65X/Variable|RENEWAL|Todas las quest|Systema PVP|Sistema MVP|Online Points|Vote Points|Sistemas custom|Global rewards| 4th jobs full|Ep.19 Fu... More

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