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Forsaken Ragnarok Online

Forsaken Ragnarok Online

6k/6k/100 max lvl 255/255 questable/votable donations guild/newbie packs up for 5+ years, no wipes, stable intense WOE/GVG/PVP More


RockRagnarok Episode 17.2 - 4th Job

RockRagnarok Episode 17.2 - 4th Job

4th Job Renewal - 50x/50x/50x and 1k/1k/1k - Both 250/50 - New Class - New monsters - New Maps - News Skills & Itens kRO/jRO/iRO 2021- Episode 17.2 - Sage'... More


DreamerRO - Rated #1 High Rate

DreamerRO - Rated #1 High Rate

Rates: 8k/8k/3k | MaxLvl: 500/120 | 3rd Jobs | Active PvP & Battlegrounds | Newbie Package | Exclusive Hero Quest | Mining & Forging | Daily Quests & Mon... More


DarkRO: Rebirth

DarRO Rebirth is a unique free to play Private Ragnarok Online 255/100 High-Rate server fused with Star Wars experience. An upgrade and a closer comparison... More


Limit Ragnarok

Limit Ragnarok

Renewal Server with 100x100x20x rates / Max Level 250 with 4th Jobs / Progressive server with current Episode 16.2 / Zeny RMT is allowed / Stable server wi... More


Ragnarok: Asgard Legend

Ragnarok: Asgard Legend is a revitalization project, based on the core of pre-renewal RO, with a tremendous amount of balances, fixes, new skills, new maps... More


Zeta RO

Zeta RO

Max Level: 255/120 | Custom 3rd Job Skills | Custom Classes (Necromancer, Hokage) | Base Exp. Rate: x15000 | Job Exp. Rate: x15000 | Quest Exp. Rate: x2000... More



Pre-RE|ESP & ENG|150x150x75x|Normal Card 1%|Boss Card 0.01%|Guild Pack MVP & WOE|Events|Battleground|Instances|Special Systems|Quests|Gepard Shield|Anti DD... More



Aqua Ragnarok Online is a new server, Started 1st of Jan 2021. Our server are renewal content but with pre-re calculation. We have total 3 Town with differ... More



Solace Ragnarok Online is aiming to build a large community of RO players. Staying close with the official setting, we'll be improving the gameplay slowly... More


Yami Ragnarok Online

Max Level: 255/120 | Custom Third Job Skills | Custom Classes such as Necromancer, Hokage, Jedi and Sith (Soon) | Base/Job EXP Rate: x15000 | Normal Drop R... More


NyaRO 2021 - playdf.org

NyaRO 2021 - playdf.org

df | Opened Feb, 2021 | International Mid-Rate Server | Pre-Renewal | Episode 13.3+ | Max Lvl: 99/70 | Rates: 35x/35x/25x~50x/50x/25x More


Tales Ragnarok Online Brand new Midrate

Tales Ragnarok Online Brand new Midrate

A brand new midrate server will provide outstanding gameplay this coming June. TalesRO has the rates of 45x/45x/15x to save more time on leveling and Farmi... More



⚔️Striker - Ro : Conquer⚔️ ???? Calling all High-Rate Players ???? ????No gtb,thana and lhz server ???? ????Server information ???? ????Frost Server... More



Join to new adventure. Nivel 255/120 | Pre-Renewal | Enchants Systems | Set Jobs | PacketFilter | Ranking Cards MvP | Card Shop | Events | Multi-Language More

183 292


Elements RO

Welcome to Elements Ragnarok Online! The server base is PRE-RENEWAL gameplay. It is still fresh and newly launched a week ago and will keep on updating n... More




Just opened server. Lvls: 99\70; Rates exp: 1000x, Rates drop: 500x, Card drop rate: 5%, Boss card drop rate: 1%, anticheat, all required NPCs and commands... More


Lunar Ragnarok Online

[MAIN LANGUAGE: ENGLISH] [RATES: 4k/4k/1k] [SPECIALS: 10x CARDS / 1x MVP CARDS] MAX LEVEL: 255/150, MAX STAT: 250, MAX ASPD: 195, INSTANT CAST: 150 Dex, Ba... More


Card Captor RO :: Collect all cards in Ragnar...

5/5/5 | 99/50 | ALL cards give permanent bonus to account | NO multi-client [Gepard Shield 3.0] | Maps of the Day | Host in US-East [Launched 16th March] More


Glaris Ragnarok Online

We offer long term service and 200k cash prize monthly. More


AeRO Gaming Artificial Entertainment

High rate(999/80) Mid rate(255/80) Eternal(99/120/70 with 3rd Jobs) No Roll Back, No Wipe Out, Friendly GMs and Supportive, Daily events, Stable and... More


Aesir Ragnarok

A low-rate revo-classic server where the old meets new! More


Nyro Ragnarok Online

Third Job: Pre-Renewal Server, Rates: 50k/50k/5k, Max Stats: 500/120 Gem System, Wing Forge System, Materia System, Charm System, Donation can claim in gam... More


Wager Ragnarok Online

 WagerRO is a pre-renewal, high rates server that can offer you balanced & unique gameplay. We have added our own flavor to make your gameplay mor... More


Streetz Ragnarok Online

Welcome To Streetz Ragnarok Online... We dedicated this server for those people , Who can't leave ragnarok world .. We love to make friends .. And... More


Ragnarok Factory

Ragnarok Factory

Ragnarok Factory is a unique free to play 255/100 High-Rate server fused with Customize Skill experience.[SERVER RATES]8000x Base Experience8000x Job Exper... More




Pokemon Ragnarok Online 240+ Catchable Pokemon3000+ Costume Items Gym Leaders Elite 4 Safari Zone More


Leika Ragnarok Online

LeikaRO is an unique low-rate renewal server under constant development. Hercules based and heavily tweaked in order to deal with the the vast majority of... More


Light Ragnarok Online

✴Officialy Opened on May 1, 2021!!✴ Sawa naba kayo sa mga EDITED Players na may EDITED na Items? Sawa naba kayo sa mga BIAS na GM/Admins? Sawa naba kayo... More


Jotunheim Ragnarok Home of the Giants

Renewal 30x30x10x|Episodio 17.1 Illusion | Todos los illusion Dungeons | Todas las Instancias | Todos los jobs con rework oficial | Gepard Shield 3.0 | Inc... More



ON 24/7 {since May 2007}, Friendly GM, High Rates 550k/550k/100%, 4 slot eqs except shield 2 slot, Mall with card seller, Level Seller, Treasure (Gold) Roo... More


Shining Moon

Shining Moon

Episode 17.2 - 2 Server Helheim: kRO only - Niflheim: iRO/jRO/kRO items. Set your own EXP-rates between 1-100x. EDDA: Biolab + EDDA: Glast Heim. Over 500 c... More



General Information: Rates: 100x / 100x / 50x Quest Exp: 60x MvP / Treasure Box: 1x Pet / Homunculus Intimacy: 40x Max Level: 99/70 Max Stats: 99 Ma... More


Chicken Ragnarok Online (Playdf)

Chicken Ragnarok Online (Playdf)

df | 1000+ Players Online | Opened: Feb 15, 2020 | International Mid-Rate Server | Episode 13.3+ | Max Lvl: 99/70 | Rates: 60x/60x/30x ~ 75x/75x/35x More

170 48


Trifecta RO

TrifectaRO is a renewal, free to play friendly server with reduced RNG elements. Episode 17.1 Rates: 50x Card Drops: Normal 1% / MVP 0.5% Most... More


MYROCLASSIC - Transcendent

Rates 5x/5x/1x but EXP rate increases up to 20x as level increases. Transcendent. Daily Board Quest. No Pay to win. No Loot Nerfs. No VIP. MVP cards disabl... More



A 2-slotted server that's been custom built to offer a blend of the traditional RO feel and the fast-paced SHR experience. With custom drop rates, a fully... More




Новый уникальный и захватывающий мир сервера PlayRO по игре Ragnarok Online. О сервере: - Эпизод 17.2 - Русский клиент - Рейты 7-7-5 - Третьи профессии (Ка... More




Rates 40x40x30x / Max Lv. 200/70 / Un divertido servidor de interés para todos los que disfrutan del sistema renewal. Sistma VIP al alcance de todos. Warpe... More


Play Ragnarok Online S.E.A.

New Server : 20 May 2020. 300/300/150/50 rates. renewal based. NO OP DONATIONS. BALANCED SERVER. Asia Datacenter. Friendly Owner! More


Woon Seasons - 75x75x50x International Mid-Ra...

Woon Seasons - 75x75x50x International Mid-Rate

[EU] Hosted with proxies [BR, SG, USA] • Opened: May 15, 2021 • 75/75/50 with 1% Cards • 99/70 • Pre-Renewal • Ep. 13.1 • BG/WOE Rentals & more. ;) More



EliteRO is a renewal Private Ragnarok online High rate 255/120 server. Episode 17.2 Customized. Donation(Cash shop): YES HeadGear Box: YES ( Farmable 5... More




Brasil - Pre-Rebirth (Pré-Heritage) - EP 5.0 (Yuno) - 11x 11x 2x 1x - WoE 1.0 - Discord - Clássico More

75 19


Ragnite Ragnarok Online

Ragnite Ragnarok Online

Pre-Renewal system [2nd jobs] Renewal Instances [Balanced] - Rates 3k/3k/6k - Max Lv: 255/120 - Opening: 20 May 2018 - Gepard Shield - Gravity Weapons, Gra... More



A server that caters the needs and interests of solo players or groups! May it be for Casual Gaming to have a good time, Grinding and Dungeon Raiding, PvP... More


Pandemic Ragnarok Online

Pandemic Ragnarok Online

•Classic Mid-Rate Server 25x / 25x / 10x / 3x MVP Drop •99/70 •99 Max Stat •No Cast - 150 dex •Gepard 3.0 •LGP •190 Max Aspd •Max Guild Size 16 •No... More


NiktoutRO Chaos 100k 100k 10k is back

Your old NiktoutRO Chaos Super High Rate Server is back ! 100k.100k.10k Max level 999/150, Max stats 500, auto events, Gold Room, vote rewards, item mall,... More




Renewal 40x40x45x - Ep. 17.2 Full - Lapine system - Booster Equip por quest 3er job - All Illusion Dungeon - Edda: Biolabs y Fall OGH - OGH CHallenge y muc... More


Epic Ragnarok Online

Epic Ragnarok Online is a Mid Rate Server that has a Pre-Renewal Mechanics with Renewal Features. It is a mixture of classic and modern type of gaming of R... More


Gladiators Ragnarok Online

Episode XVIII: The Demise of Morroc Server Mode: Pre-Renewal Current Class: 2-2 (Transcendence) 2-1 Expanded Jobs Max Base Level: 99 Ma... More