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OSRS - Group Ironman - OSGP Events - Mobile - Runelite - Raids - Inferno Visit



2.5 Years Old | 5 Full Raids | Gambling | Custom Skilling | Custom PvM | Daily Events | World Bosses | Perks & Item Buffs | Collection Log | Weekly Updates... Visit

Torva - Best PvM Custom RSPS

Torva - Best PvM Custom RSPS

Get the highest quality content updates with a wonderful Owner, Developer, and Staff team. Try Torva now and never look at another custom the same way! Visit

LUNA RS Runelite/Mobile|Nex|Gauntlet|Weekly U...

LUNA RS Runelite/Mobile|Nex|Gauntlet|Weekly Updates|Raids

Play on Runelite and Mobile| Nex: The Fifth general | Phantom Muspah | The Gauntlet | TOB | COX | Collection log | Weekly Updates|Custom presets|Achievemen... Visit

BlissScape 2012 - A Clean Pre-EOC Experience

BlissScape 2012 - A Clean Pre-EOC Experience

7+ Years Online - Multiple Game-Modes - Boss and Skill pets - Real Dominion Tower - Real Dungeoneering - Real Construction - Real Slayer - Unique Prestige... Visit

Simplicity RSPS - Claim FREE Scythe of Vitur

Simplicity RSPS - Claim FREE Scythe of Vitur

Claim FREE Scythe of Vitur 5000 Bundle | 5 Years Online | 300 Players Online | 5 Daily Events | AoE Weapons | CoX & ToB | Active Gambling | Automated FP |... Visit


Misthalin.org The #1 RSPS Experience!

20+ Fully Working SkillsPerfect CombatRandom Skill EventsCommunity Orientated RSPSWishing WellMany Achievements to AccomplishFriendly EcoSkill4ProfitOver 2... More



Number #1 RSPS COMMUNITY and Runeline Server 317 24/7OSRS More



https://diverse-ps.com/ More



new server I am working on some stuff, started off with local host with me and my girlfriend playing together now we wanted others to play.website : http:/... More


Freescape BETA

Semi custom rsps, join the discord for more info or get a BETA client links now! More



 Os Empire Brand New Rsps Server 2021 In-Game Features Minigames:star: Trading post :star: Infernal 4 different colors Of Infernal Cape Different Type... More


Elyr.io - New 317 OSRS RSPS - Oct 8 Release

Elyr.io - New 317 OSRS RSPS - Oct 8 Release

Release Giveaway events $1000+ - ToB, Perfect CoX, Nightmare, Unique Slayer Book Challenges. Everything you wanted in an OSRS RSPS! More


Arclight Gaming 718!

 brand new server with, loads of content and will be updating tons of content over the next while, discord is available on the forums,  More


Ralos RSPS

https://youtu.be/lSz_P8gakB8https://discord.gg/PKeMHpAzdj More


Zeah 317

new customs rsps, come join! More



A semi-custom server you can call home - Unique Home Area - Unique Navigation System - Updated NPCs - Item Upgrading - Squeal of Fortune - Functional Quest... More


AnimeScape - The First and Only Anime RSPS

AnimeScape - The First and Only Anime RSPS

Experience a server with passion and hard work put into it, a new tier of a custom server built from the ground up. If you love Anime then give this a try,... More



Vize is a brand new rsps, our goal is to create a unique experience for you to enjoy with other players. With all of the current content and planned f... More


Ashihama - Brand new server

Ashihama - Brand new server

317/OSRS - Perfect Ecomomy - Great Community - Nice Staff - Automated Tournaments - Automated Flower Poker - Group Ironman w/ Group Bank - Ultimate Ironman... More


Mythic Dream

Mythic Dream

https://discord.gg/CqfV5JMedghttps://youtu.be/u5u1gpRpMP8Presets | Perfected Switches | Wilderness Keys | World Bosses More




PLAY NOW TODAY * Legendary mystery box for every vote*Join Ancestral today to begin your journey along with an influx of new players adding to an already s... More


Ozone 317/508 | PreEoc | Raids

Server launched on 1. December! Server is brand new and looking for players that like to get addicted and grind!  Looking for a server to kill time an... More


Oracle RSPS

https://discord.gg/gbNA8zZqCn More


Ornate-PS - Brand new - 4th JUNE 2022!

 JUNE 2022 - Ornate-PS is a very unique semi-custom-based PVM server providing tons of features and a magnitude of content! - UNIQUE HOME - RAIDS 1 -... More


FlarePS Feel Nostalgia

FlarePS Feel Nostalgia

FlarePS Brand New Custom Server , You May Not Believe My Words But I Suggest For You To Come And See That With Your Own Eyes 8000+ Custom Items 100+ Custom... More


PixScape 317 Content Packed

 Visit us PixScape.fun for client download and start playing today! Full of content, all skills, dungeoneering, bosses, minigames, custom items, donat... More


Wintersoul OSRS

Wintersoul OSRS

Wintersoul is an OSRS server running #199 cache, We are focused on keeping content coming to keep players engaged! We are a semi-custom server with our own... More


Forgotten RSPS

Forgotten RSPS

Completely Custom RSPS With Raids, Minigames, Bosses, & More! More



Imagine PS is back and better than ever! More






[CENTER][img]https://i.imgur.com/iJ8nDnE.png[/img]Our website can be found here: [URL="https://runewarsps.com"]Website[/URL]Our Discord can be found here:... More



 Welcome to the best custom server ever created, we have mini games raids, a good progression, we would love to see all of you!!!  More


Zamron World 2 | Custom RSPS

Custom RSPS please visit our website:https://www.zamron.net More


Zaryte - OSRS Semi-Custom - Raids - PVP

 Custom home with easy to navigate areasBalanced custom items and pets with effects to provide both a unique and not over done feelClassic Chambers of... More


Torva.io - 2023's Best Custom RSPS

Torva.io - 2023's Best Custom RSPS

Torva is a new standard for Custom RSPS. A defined and clearcut game with dedicated Owners who only stride to provide the best for their players. Join now... More




 Agony is a newly released semi-custom Runescape Private Server. We are here to bring you the most enjoyable and welcoming private server experience p... More


Drako HD

Drako is a fresh take on an OSRS server, combining experience from custom servers and well grounded OSRS servers. Server features. Endgame content: Fully c... More



Introducing Koranes, a humble but impressive product that has undergone hundreds of hours of work. My inspiration was to create an experience unlike any ot... More




Raids 1 - Full TOB - Inferno - Vorkath - Wildy Bosses - Collection Log - Tournaments - Trading Post - Custom OSRS Pets With Perks - Weekly Giveaways - Torv... More


Janus - Free Advanced Mini-Me!

Janus debuted in 2020. Since then, we've made some insane improvements!70% of the source code has been re-written into Kotlin, preparing Ruse for the futur... More


Exide 317

 Welcome to the launch of Exide317! Join us today and be one of the first to try out our unique custom tailored runescape private server experience. T... More



 Come join Revolution today and claim your FREE legendary Mystery box plus a donator mystery box! Come checkout out the nostalgia with a sick custom s... More


MyScape RSPS 317

PLAY NOW: At MyScape You Can Start Your Ever-lasting Adventure OSRS -Giveaways at Discord every 48hrs !DISCORD Perma link : https://discord.gg/kqFjXkD... More


Mayhem PS

best custom server of 2022 More



Introducing RuneRogue, a humble but impressive product that has undergone hundreds of hours of work. My inspiration was to create an experience unlike any... More



 1.cox 2.nightmare 3.world events 4.Zulrah 5.Vorkath 6.fully runelite Tons of contents More




BossesAbyssal SireCorporeal CerberusVorkathZulrahThermonuclear Smoke Devil23 SkillsMinigamesCoXInfernoDuel ArenaBarrowsPetsSkilling petsWilderness Bos... More



https://velaris.org Coming Soon More


ZeroScape 718

 HELLO EVERYONE!!!We would love to welcome you to our small but growing comunity over here at zeroscape! we are a 718/742 with some osrs content! from... More


Delrith - Custom RSPS Releasing Soon!

Delrith - Custom RSPS Releasing Soon!

Delrith is a custom RSPS that has been in development for over 6 months with $10,000+ already invested into the project. We are expecting to release this a... More


Genesis RSPS - ::freeitems

Genesis RSPS - ::freeitems

 Custom RSPS | 3 Global Bosses | 2 Raids | 30+ Bosses | 6 Custom Minigames | Advanced Slayer | Mystery Boxes | Daily Tasks | Reward List | Item List |... More


Apollo - Custom RSPS Release January 8

Apollo - Custom RSPS Release January 8

 ::freedonator | Weekly Updates | Hundreds of Customs | 29 Bosses | 2 Custom Raids | 8 Minigames | 200+ Online | 25 Custom Interfaces  More



New kids on the block! Bringing you everything you've always wanted from a RSPS & more!Perfect Switching, lagg free! PVM / PVP Content! Great staff &am... More

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