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Light Ragnarok Online

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✴Officialy Opened on May 1, 2021!!✴ Sawa naba kayo sa mga EDITED Players na may EDITED na Items? Sawa naba kayo sa mga BIAS na GM/Admins? Sawa naba kayo sa mga bata ng GM's? Eto na ang server na para sainyo, a Server for Gamers by Gamers! ✴Fully unbiased GM Team with Farmable Donation Tickets ????Long term Server which caters your long term needs as a Gamer! ????Website: www.lightro-ragna.com ????Facebook page: https://fb.me/LightRO501 ????Facebook Group: www.facebook.com/groups/lightro501 ????Discord Link: https://discord.gg/msYSrGWTgp ????DOWNLOAD LINK ON WEBSITE! ????255/100 High Rate Transcendent Class Server! ????Server Rates: Base/ Job: 10,000x ????Pre-Renewal ????Kiel Based / Frost Server ????Normal and Mini Boss Cards: 100% ????MvP Cards: Modified | Rare Cards: Modified ????Modified Useless MvP Cards!! ????Modified Weapons, Armors, And Etc. to fit a 255 server! ????Max Stats: 255 / Max SP: 4000 / Max ASPD: 196 ????WOE and KOE TBA ????Guild/ Party Capacity TBA ????Gepard Protection 3.0 ????Max 5 Clients ????VIP System ????Gold Room ????DB/ BB Room ????Fishing System ????Hourly Points (with REWARDS) ????PVP Points / Points System Enabled ????Guild Rankings Enabled! ????No Overpowered Donation Items ????FARMABLE DONATION TICKETS!!! ????Tool Dealer /Utilities ????Basic NPC's Included! ????Berry Exchanger ????Coin Exchanger ????Dummy Test ????MVP Rankings w/ Points ????Automated Events such as DICE, Poring Catcher, Fast typing Events, Find the Mushroom, and ETC. ????Shower Events ????Ingame GM Events ????GvG, PT vs PT Hosted Events! ????Thousands of COSTUMES to be released gradually! ????Others soon to come! ????PvP ready freebies and Solo Pack!!!!!!! ✴Join our FB Group and Discord for GPacks! (Additional Freebies if members are Seven or more! More Freebies if members are 12 or more )
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