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Date Signed Up:2016-05-19
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Description:ManicPs is a custom rsps that was built upon player suggestions and creativity. Online 24/7, ManicPs has tons of unique & familiar content for players to enjoy. It will blow your mind with its amazing skilling, economy and custom points system. On a daily basis, players are rewarded with loyalty points and vote tickets if you have in fact voted. Below are some of the many features included in-game.

Features (In Depth):

- Custom weapons that have never been seen before in Runescape history

- 25+ bosses ranging from normal Runescape bosses to custom bosses

- A prestige game mode which offers beneficial rewards & leader boards
for friendly competition

- The all new rage game mode which provides players with an ability to
deal larger amounts of damage when battling monsters

- Membership bonds & exp upgrades are available for in-game gold

- A new server event occurs EVERY 24 hours

- Several Minigames to play with reward shops

- A loyalty system that rewards you every 24 hours

- Custom Barrows, Warrior guild, and pest control minigames

- All new Zombie Slayer minigame with reward shop

- 100+ achievements with a point system to exchange for rewards

- Buying & selling items are made convenient with the implementation
of Player owned shops

- Earn points simply from skilling and exchange for items such as death
touch darts, a drygore mace, and skilling gear

- Slay with friends by using the duo slayer master in-game

- A flawless duel arena with custom game modes

- Unique Summoning System which allows boss pets to engage in combat

Top features: Custom Weapons, Custom Bosses, Prestige System

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