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Date Signed Up:2014-07-16 Interlude x50
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Chronicles: Lineage 2 Interlude

server Rates:

Exp: x50
Sp: x50
Adena: x20
Items: x30
Spoil: x15
Quests: x10
Rate in some quests: x3-x8

ENCHANT Weapons / Armor / Jewelry:

Safety +3
Max +16/+12/+12
On failure to discharge +3 if enchant with blessed scrolls

When creating a new character:

When creating a new character is given such an items: Top No Grade + Soulshots: No grade + Scroll of Escape + 50000 aden

Server Commands:

.autoloot: auto-tuning things.
.setxprate: Rate settings to gain experience.
.autolearnskills: setting auto-learning skills.
ALT+B: bind to account HWID and Ip address, Donat section etc.
.away и .back: Afk mode can be used only in a peace areas.


Getting from the first to the third class does not require the passage of quests.
1-st profession for free and free gift 2 500,000 adena.
2-st profession for free and free gift 10 500 000 adena.
3st profession cost 50 000 000 adena and free gift Book of Giants.


Olympiad period 1 month.
Automatic learning skills.
Subclass without quest.
Regular automatic Tournaments / Eventy with awards.
No Donat things affect the game balance.
For voting in the top-sites bonuses.
Static an item skills.
/ unstuck 15 seconds.
The catacombs are open 24 / 7
According to the concept of a castle siege NCSoft.
From one PC running windows allow unrestricted play.

Buffs / Buffer

Number of slots: 36
Number of debuff slots: 6
Cost buffs: 1 adena
The duration of the buff: 2 hrs
All buffs, dances, songs and buffs for pets
Full recovery: MP, CP and HP


Value in hours:

Zaken: 48 + random 2 hrs
Valakas: 11 days
Core/Ofren: 60 + random 1 hrs
Baium: 5 days + random 2 hrs
Antharas: 8 days + random 3 hrs
Ant Queen: 1days + random 1 hrs
Frintezza: 2 days + random 2 hrs
Flame of Splendor Barakiel (Nobless Boss): 3 hrs + random 30 minutes
Conventional RB: 12 hrs + random 1 hrs
Respawn Alliance RB (Varka and Ketra): 6hrs + random 6hrs
Drop Life Stone from Tyrannosaurus chance (40%-1) respawn 5 minutes


Server protection:

Can bind account to HWID and Ip address.
Protection from Brutus (password guessing), all known IG / OOG emulators game client (like bots L2Walker, L2.NET), Packet manipulators (L2PacketHack etc.).
Anti-Dos and DDoS.

Web-site protection:

Protection from Brutus (password guessing).
Anti-Dos and DDoS.
Protection against hacker break-ins.


The information that is available:

The store is available for all consumables.
Shota banks crystals, etc.
Weapons, armor and jewelry to B-grade for adena.
Simplified quest Nobless (all sold an item in gmshope).


Overall Totals

In Out Total In Total Out
611 759 78053 33970


Day In Out
Today 35 33
2017-01-15 37 49
2017-01-14 28 34
2017-01-13 35 39
2017-01-12 41 60
2017-01-11 42 70
2017-01-10 32 45
2017-01-09 30 47
2017-01-08 39 41
2017-01-07 46 26

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