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Site Name:Near-Reality - Leader in RSPS Since 2008
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Date Signed Up:2014-05-27
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Description:Near Reality is currently the best and one of the oldest RSPS out there. We have been running for 5 years now since 2008 after the wilderness was removed from RS, doing our best to satisfy the requests of our active player base.

Aside from having a very strong and reliable history, why should you choose Near Reality?


-We have the largest community by far after 5 years of uptime
-11X Experience rate for new players
-Able to choose between old and new hit splats/hp
-Custom in-game player titles
-Active, large, and helpful staff team
-Development team is constantly updating and pushing out content
-Good voting rewards
-Regularly updated Wiki guide including 6 different languages
-We have our own, up to date price guide
-Castle wars
-Fight caves
-God wars
-Nex armors & working Korasi, and new firecape
-Curse prayers
-100% working claws
-Unique Bloodlust system for small teams
-Wilderness targets with rewards
-Stable and Strong economy
-starter packs with everything a new player needs
-Pk points system - able to redeem for all the best items.
-Custom items (lime whips, death cape, phats, etc)
-Ganodermic armour
-Pvp armour\'s
-Working spirit shields
-New staff event organizer
-Mod day events
-Kill streaks
-Top pker announcements

This servers main focus will be on on PKers and clans as to keep the wilderness active and give everyone what they want - we want to bring you back to the good ol\' days!

- Great Economy
- Mage Arena
- Fully working skills & combat system
- Friendly and helpful staff team
- Active forums
- 5x Experience rate
- Voting rewards
- Regularly updated
- Skilling interfaces
- All specials working
- Repairing broken items
- RS treasure trails
- Random events from rs (such as genie, drunken dwarf, etc)

Future updates will contain:
-New Bloodlust System
-Dungeoneering skill
-Real RS fight caves


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2018-01-13 67 39
2018-01-12 68 7

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