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UprisingRO Episode 18.1 4th class

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Hello! We are the UPRO team and here to present to you our very own Ragnarok Online with 4th Classes! 

So why us? we do offer the LATEST 4th Job Skill Improvement system from KRO which rebalances and brought forward some 4th Job Skill overly overshadowed by their 3rd job counter parts. Best of all we have our SEA Ragnarok Fans in mind! with server hosted in Singapore expect the best possible ping!

Wait??!! Did I read that right??!!! SKILLS ARE UPDATED TO LATEST BASED ON KRO!!!??? Yup yup calmdown we really do have the latest skill update from KRO from the new Quake Rush skill of Meister to the various updates and changes on other jobs that made them more fun to play!~

But! everyone is dying like flies getting hit by skill with 6 digits damage.

Yes we know! Our team are avid RO Fans and we do feel the pain, we played alot and as time passes by damage became more and more powerful with PVP not catching up thus this. 
We offer a really balance gameplay with 1% damage for PvP/GvG/BG cause who wants to be One-Shotted by everyone right?

But but but.. do you have the latest Gears?
We are currently running our own custom 17.2 contents and (No Storyline needed, Instances, Mobs are all available.) 18.1 (Field Mobs and cards as of the moment). This new set of cards will really shake things up specially when we open up 18.1 instances

We had also opened up our own spin of Varmundt's dungeon a party dungeon.
Check our wiki for more details

Server Information:
Base/Job Experience: 500x
Item Drop: 500x
Normal Card Drop: 2.5%  MvP Cards: 0.5%
Max. Level: 250/50 4th Classes (Complete 4th Classes with skills)
Max. Level: 250/50 Expanded Classes
Max. ASPD: 193, Insta-Variable Cast formula: INT + (2DEX) = 530
We had disabled exp and drop reduction from level gaps

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All Time 1342 3790 1575
This Month 0 30 11
2024-06-20 0 6 1
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