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Date Signed Up:2021-03-16
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Description:Blizzlike x10 rates 3.3.5a 1v1 Arena World PvP loot and coin exchange for PvP

Features: Transmogrification, PvE and PvP, Obtain loot from world PvP and exchange for a twist on PvP for low population

Services such as Name Change, Faction Change.
Mounts, Weapons, Armors.

A fully working Voting System which rewards you Points.

Anti-Cheat System:
A fully working Anti-Cheat System, that will detect any cheats.
You’ll get punished if you use any software that gives you advantages over other players.

Impact Blizzlike x10 rates 3.3.5a 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 Arena Realm Rates: (x10)
Experience: x10
XP: x10
Quest: x10
Drop: x5
Rep: Start with max rep
Gold x5
Honor: x2
Arena: x2

Transmogrification: Available with a tweak for custom/legendary items


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