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Site Name:✦ Zenith - A CUSTOM OSRS experience! ✦ RAIDS 1 - R
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Date Signed Up:2021-02-19
Banner:✦ Zenith - A CUSTOM OSRS experience! ✦ RAIDS 1 - R
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Description:Hello and welcome to Zenith's Advertisement Post! We are a 317 PI RSPS aiming to bring back the same OSRS feel we once knew in 2007, whilst bringing a custom twist with clean execution. It can get tiring moving from server to server, only to train up to max total level and become bored again - we want to provide an atmosphere that changes this very concept and gives you something to do 24/7.

To provide longevity through our game, we keep to a strict economy where possible - Overpowered items have no place here, but you WILL feel progress whenever you move up the scale. Take on some of the craziest enemies you've seen and wear some of the flashiest gear you will ever find in this fantastically customised mash-up!

Core Features --

Variety of XP Modes (Elite, Classic, Extreme, Normal)
Variety of Ironman Modes (Group, Ultimate, Hardcore, Normal)
OSRS PKING - Customs do not interrupt the PKing legacy!
Daily Rewards, Daily Tasks, Custom Achievements
Boosted Slayer Rewards (Infernal Keys, Slayer Keys, Slayer Boxes)
Over 100+ Pets to Collect - including Damage and Drop Rate Boosting!
Bonus XP & Points Perks, WOGW, Double XP Weekend, Owner's Boosts
Collection Log, NPC Droptables, Drop-Rate System
Variety Of Chests to Open (Infernal, Slayer, Crystal, Wilderness, Pursuit, Raids)
Gambling, Staking, FFA Tournament
Wilderness Content for Activity (Boss Hunts, Chests etc)
OSRS Minigames & Custom Minigames
OSRS Raids & Custom Raids


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