W-Centara.ru Craft-PvP x7 Открытие 6 Марта в 20:00 ( Visit )

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Site Name:W-Centara.ru Craft-PvP x7 Открытие 6 Марта в 20:00
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Site URL:https://w-centara.ru/
Date Signed Up:2021-02-10
Banner:W-Centara.ru Craft-PvP x7 Открытие 6 Марта в 20:00
Language:Russian SiteRussian
Description:High-quality implementation of Interlude chronicles
Reliable protection.
Added New Costumes and Unique Accessories W-Centara.ru
Modified with new effects (S-rank weapons) with classic and standard stats.
Server rates:
Experience / SP: x7
Adena: x5
Fall: x5
Spoil: x6
Quest: x3 (Raised only for some quests)
Features / Miscellaneous:
High quality and unique build, maximum realization of Interlude chronicles.
We have Runes on the project (Adena, Exp / Sp, Drop) + 30% and + 50%) Runes Stack!
Free teleport up to level 40.
Added an announcement 15 minutes before the appearance of all raid bosses (except epics) 76+.
Apella sets give stats identical to Dark Crystal / Drakonic / Tallum sets respectively.
The ability to get the Shining Bow through play
The system "Crit on epics" has been implemented (maximum disconnect time is 300 seconds).
Mobs champions from level 30 to 80. (2 types - blue and red) Drop / Spoil 2,5 / 5 + Festival Adena.
Implemented x100 recipes for quick and easy farming.
Implemented Festival Sweeper, appears on the 41st lvl profession for the dwarves [Bounty Hunter] (massive spoil selection).
Complete information on stats / drop / spoil / resist by Shift + Click.
Convenient and multifunctional GM Shop with things up to B grade, "Mamon" is also available with all its functions.
Convenient buffer with the ability to save profiles
There are 36 slots available for BUFF, the whole BUFF lasts 1 hour.
Global Gatekeeper will quickly take you to the most popular cities, trade zones, necropolises and catacombs.
Weight limit increased 250 times.
Auto learning skills of its class.


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