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Date Signed Up:2021-01-25
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Description:Apocalypse RS

Apocalypse RS is an OSRS server that is trying to give the full aspect of OSRS with some boosts.

The highscores are competive if you like a race to the top.

Plenty of bosses to deal with like zulrah, vorkath, TOB and COX with kill counters and timers for the race to the top!

We have a super friendly community and helpful staff with whatever issues you may have.

Like a challenge how about try out the list of achivements at different difficulties or dairies.

Maybe money grinding is your thing then we have a trading post that you can flip items or trade your loot from bossing, slayer and skilling skills.

Chilling out is your thing then we have a big open space in the home court if you want to chill with your friends.

Whatever your taste is we most likely have it.


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