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Date Signed Up:2021-01-25
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Apocalypse RS is a brand new hybrid server that is trying to bring oldschool content in to runescape 2 and want to make it the best possible server that you the comunity wants. With tons of content already you can spend months building your bank to perfection to maxing out all 25 skills to 1b exp then resetting for aditional points and rewards.

If you ever wanted a challange then you can try out the ironman mode and the ultimate ironman mode with trying to battle it out on the hiscores. We have a store that you can by donator status to gain access to new areas and also vote for rewards that you can save up the points for cool rewards.


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2021-02-17 1 3
2021-02-16 0 5
2021-02-15 0 19

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