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Site Name:Ragnarok Legends of Valkyrie
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Site URL:https://www.ragnarokonline.ph
Date Signed Up:2020-11-03
Banner:Ragnarok Legends of Valkyrie
Language:English SiteEnglish
Description:PC and Mobile Platform "Android / iOS"
Single Client Only
Now on Episode 10.1 - Einbroch
Rebirth Class Available
Rates : x5 / x5 / x1 | Happy Hour : 10x / 10x / 3x
Card Rates: 0.1% | Happy Hour : 0.3%
MVP Drop Rates: 1.0x
No Dual, No autotrade
No Lag, No Bot, No Disconnection
No HE BBG and HE Manual
No Buns and Pills
No Mail and Bank Window
No God Items
No Overpowered Items / Equipments
No Customized Equipment
No Advanced Costumes
MVP Card Disabled on WOE Only!
Mini Boss Card Disabled on WOE Only!
Friendly Active GMs!
Classic 2004~2008 game experience
Classic Job Change Quest
No Healer, No Buffer, No Warper.
Advanced DDOS Protection
Gepard Protection 3.0


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