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HellGarve is a Private Server Project hosting a Shadowlands gameserver. We are currently on Patch 9.0.2 (37424) :ShadowlandsLogo:

We have taken on the task to create the latest of the latest within the very old and known Franchise of World of Warcraft :wowicon:

We proudly present our gameserver at your disposal, With constant updates and changes taking place every single day. We are extremely proud and enthusiastic in regards of our work. And currently have the claim of being the most working Shadowlands Private Server out there. On-top of that we also provide a Solo Experience which will provide you with hours upon hours of energetic gameplay.

We are aiming to be the most up to date Shadowlands Server with the best quality we can possibly offer. While we are rather new. We hold a lot of experience and are constantly working to improve our server for you


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