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Date Signed Up:2020-09-16
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Description:Do you love World of Warcraft but don't want to deal with a lot of players and wait in lines? Do you prefer a smaller community that really wants to enjoy the game? So YOU ​​can help us with that! How? Just join and become part of a great little community. Three servers (2.4.3 + 3.3.5a + 7.3.5) are waiting for you, ready for the maximum experience without unnecessary complications. Each server offers its own unique content that guarantees that you will not be bored!

What can you look forward to?

2.4.3 TBC server 7x Xp rate complete with the unique PlayerBots system, which simulates a full server and fills the world with willing and helpful shoes to which you can give commands

3.3.5a The Wrath of the Lich King is still under development and will not be open until we ensure a completely smooth run.

7.3.5 The Legion server offers the SoloCraft system, which allows you to go through most of the content in a smaller group, or even solo!

You can find more information about individual servers on the website and our Discord.


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