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Site Name:Felmane
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Site URL:https://felmane.net
Date Signed Up:2020-09-13
Language:English SiteEnglish
Description:Felmane is a new server published on the 31th august. Our aim is to provide a server, where only your skill leads you to the win. Because of that we do NOT offer any kind of PVE trinkets in the Shop and we keep everyones ilvl on the same level. We want everyone to have fun without having to buy expensive gear to keep up with others. That’s why you start with level 110 AND you get ilvl 940 gear right away. Since we started the server recently, we wanna give you special rewards if you join. We would be happy if you'd join our discord on felmane.net so we can get in touch. We hope to see you on the server soon.

Yours sincerely

The Felmane team


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