Make Bulgaria Great Again 1.12.x ( Visit )

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Site Name:Make Bulgaria Great Again 1.12.x
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Date Signed Up:2020-07-22
Banner:Make Bulgaria Great Again 1.12.x
Language:English SiteEnglish
Description:The Server is 24/7 online.
Game Patch: 1.12.1
Set realmlist:
Realm Type: RPPVP
Server Type: Blizzlike
Server Rates: mid-high
Exp Kill rate: x10
Exp Quest rate: x10
Drop rate: x10
Money rate: x10
Quests working 99%
Battlegrounds working 100%
Alliance and Horde can chat(say/channel), trade, mail, auction, group-up, guild-up
Battlegrounds starts with 1 players per team
Outdoor PvP System: Working 100%
Istances working 100%
Flying paths: Open
LOS: Yes
Pathfinder: Yes
Anti-Cheat system: Yes


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