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Description:Custom Season 3 with new systems to enhance your experience greatly! We offer x100 server with good monster configuration that will challenge you! All of the season 3 events are working and drop amazing prizes for you to continue your journey. We are a community driven server - your feedback means something and will be taken into consideration as we want to hear our players and with continuous updates make this server better. Additionally we offer Market system for you to easier sell items, MuHelper and OffAttack to allow players leveling and gathering precious items during their off-time. As a PVP server sometimes things get rough for weaker players - until 5 resets you can use /offpvp command to enter PvE only mode to not be bothered. Also added reconnect system so you never disconnect from the server! Dynamic Reset Price will make Zen economy valuable and medium rate jewel drop will help you with trading items. You can earn Honor Points from different events and use them in Cash Shop purchases. Alternatively offer VIP memberships and Gold Credits purchases which allows you to buy various items from our Cash Shop (Items that can be acquired in game). We have more to offer in future - so REGISTER YOUR ACCOUNT NOW!


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