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Date Signed Up:2020-06-13
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Description:Chat system PVP/PVM System New Player Dungeon Teleporters Resurrection stones Rare Hard To Find Uniques Custom build house's (design your own) Neutral Zone AFK System PvP Stone Loot/NoLoot Shopping Mall for Vendors Useful Stones Colored Armor's Spawned World Most Special Moves working OSI-Like Champion Spawns Doom Dungeon Bulk Orders OSI-Like House System Insurance system Paragons PVP Arena Minor Artifacts Ship System Treasures of Tokuno Begginer's Tutorial Slayer Weapons Skill Increase Scrolls Mana Regeneration Rings Stamina Regeneration Hits Regeneration Pet system OSI Like Stables OSI Like Crafting Menus Felucca, Ilshenar and Malas fully populated OSI Like Chivalry Runebooks Misc OSI Stuff, such as: -House Add-Ons Escort Quests New MONSTERS


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