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The XP rate is x200. The party XP rate is doubled, which means that you can easily help other players raise their level. Adena and SP rates are nothing special. They are exactly as they should be.

The enchant rates depend of the current enchant level. Generally, the chance gets lower with each successful enchant. The safe enchant for fullbody armors is +4 and for all the other items it is +3. The max enchant is +25 for all items.

We have modified all retail shops in all towns and villages. This means, that in order to buy soulshots, you must visit the nearest Grocery Shop. Weapon and Armor shops sell gear up to B-Grade. For A-Grade items, you must visit Giran's Luxury Shop, where you will find Lector and Eloria.

You will find Morania in all major cities, but she can only help you with lower-level magic. You must get in a party with a buffer in order to get full buffs. There are totally 20 bull slots available, but once you reach level 80, you can learn Divine Inspiration and increase the limit to 24 buffs. All buffs last 9 hours and they don't disappear on death.

Classes & Skills
We have modified all classes and almost every skill. Visit Oliver, the General Information manager. You will find him in every major city and he will provide you with information about every class.

Farming Zones
There are no custom gatekeepers. In order to move from place to place, just use the retail gatekeepers in each village or town.

Modified areas have an indication "Edited" right next to their name. The modified areas are Anthara's Lair from Giran and Abandoned Coal Mines from Dwarven Village.

Monsters in Anthara's Lair drop Seal Stones, which you can trade for Ancient Adena to the Dusk Priestess. You need Ancient Adena to unseal your A-Grade armor or add a Special Ability to your A-Grade weapon. Monsters in Abandoned Coal Mines drop Coals, which you need for tattoos.

Custom Items
There are only custom tattoos. You can wear two tattoos in the same time, so pick them carefully. Once enchanted, tattoos have increased stats. For example, a +10 Tattoo of Body provides 10% more Health. Other than tattoos, there are no other custom items.


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