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Site Name:Turmoil OSRS
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Site URL:http://turmoil.autoscape.org
Date Signed Up:2020-06-02
Banner:Turmoil OSRS
Language:English SiteEnglish
Description:http://turmoilrsps.com/ Valius Remake
*Free Mystery Box when you join!!! BRAND NEW CUSTOMS SERVER 5/14/2020 NEW ECONOMY

*Starter Weapons that grow stronger with you
Starter Dungeon with great rewards
The Gauntlet 100% Replicated
Raids 1 (Chamber of Xeric)
Raids 2 (Theatre of Blood)
Custom Raid (Trials of Xeric)
Solak (Drops Serenic armor + Seren godbow)
Nightmare (Drops Grotesque armor)
Alchemical Hydra 100% Replicated
Vorkath 100% Replicated
Revenant cave + Deep wildy revenant caves
Fully customizable Completionist Cape
4 XP rates to choose from (2x, 5x, 15x and 40x)
Group Ironman
Updated Frequently
Tons of 100% UNIQUE content such as Event bosses, Team bosses & Items
... & Much, Much more! https://discord.gg/3rEcX3W


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