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Date Signed Up:2020-05-27
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Version: Season15 EP 2-1
Experience: 50 ~ 5x (Dynamic)
Drop: 30%
BugBles: Offline
Reset: No Reset
Game Style: Farm PvP and Play2Win

Whats new in version
New character: Slayer
New moss merchant
New maps: byssal Schorched Canyon
New Mastery equipment: Silverheart and Blue Eye Weapons
New Excelents item evolution system
New Earring Features
New Elite monsters

Server customizations
New eggs added to support new egg collection function.
Tote bags configured to dropping eggs.
Added special egg for mounts.
New versions included custom invasions for the egg hunt system.
Custom Socket Item Drop [Choose how to drop each item randomly from 1 to 5 random options].
Custom new Invasion [New custom invasions by map].
Custom new Starting character reward [Start new characters with items, pets and or time stamps].
Custom game spots [All server spawns marked in the" TAB "key].
Custom moss merchant system [Exclusive currency for moss merchant, new exclusive categories for each class].
Custom new event snakes
Custom Game client coin [Possibility of selling new personalized currencies. [WCoin by WCoin].
Custom Game client coin [Possibility of selling new personalized currencies. [Ruud by Ruud].
Collect eggs from raiding monsters directly to regular inventory


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