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Date Signed Up:2020-05-13
Language:English SiteEnglish
Description:Hello and welcome to the vote page of Retery,

We are a new server and we are aiming to be the best of all servers. What do we have to offer?

24/7 uptime
Boss pets which are obtainable after 2000 kills of a specfic boss
Trivia questions (Monthly updated)
Weekly patches
Custom highscores
Rank lending
Max exp is 10B
10B cape
Weekly damage event
Boss kill count tab
Bosses include:
- Nex
- Bandos
- Saradomin
- Zamorak
- Armadyl
- Combat Trio (Hellmania, Hellblaze, Helldroid)
- Seasinger
- Death Lotus
- Maximum Gradum
- Retery
- Blink
- Fear
- Necrolord
- Corporeal Beast
- Queen Black Dragon
- Nomad
- Wildywyrm
- Wildy Boss
- Avatar of Destruction
- Sea Troll Queen
- Hati
Donator Boss:
- General Khazard
Extreme Donator Boss:
- Warped Gulega
Super Donator Boss:
- Sunfreet
Retery Rank Bosses:
- Obsidian King
- Tzhaar Erad-Jad
Killcount titles
Custom Retery rank and zone
Bone grinding money making method for the Retery rank and super donators (Kill donator
dragons for bones, put them in hopper, redeem for XP or Money
There's honestly, much, much more!


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