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Welcome to Awaken, we are looking for a new community as well as friendly players and happy players, during these lonely times of COVID19 you can hop on Awaken and have some fun!
To increase competitiveness the Awaken team has decided to make a prize for the first player that maxs all 99s skills. This includes a brand new PlayStation 4, post on the forums with proof of your stats for the prize!
We are also looking for staff.

Here is some of our content
Grand Exchange (including secure trade, even whilst offline you can still be making constant profits on Awaken)
Lottery System (Each hour there will be a jackpot where users provide money to a pot)
Glacors (These work great! They will split into minions giving users a great fun way of 'bossing')
Dungeoneering System (Unlike other RSPS' we have a great way of training your Dungeoneering Level, making it difficult and rewarding in a wave system!)
Flowers & Dicing
Duel Arena (Duel your friends/enemys and make money by gambling your items for the duel!)
Soulwars (Zeal Points/Shop, All working avatars and games)
Obelisks (In the wilderness obelisks will automatically teleport you around in the wilderness)
Drygore Weapons
100% Working Squeal of Fortune (with a bunch of fun surprises)
Custom Items (look out on the server for these)

Grand Exchange
Squeal of Fortune
Clue Scrolls

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