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▸ #178 OSRS Data.
▸ Vote 4 Donor.
▸ Double Xp & Points Until Lockdowns are over (covid)
▸ Custom Edgeville Home.
▸ Highscores & Ingame PVP Highscores.
▸ Welfare Premade PK Sets and of course Preloading sets.
▸ Clan Wars Safe PK.
▸ Player Profiles and Player Owned shops.
▸ All 3 Ironman Modes.
▸ All Skills Working, Skilling Island, Skilling Pets, Skilling Rewards - All Max Cape combinations possible.
▸ Minigames - Nightmare Zone, Warriors Guild, Pest Control, Barrows (with pets!), Fight Caves, Inferno Caves, Chambers of Xeric, Custom Godwars Or Dragon Raid and a custom Randomized Weapon Game.
▸ QoL Updates: Keybinds, Skill Guides, Shift Click Dropping, Looting Bag, Rune Pouch, Resizable & Fullscreen, Kill Feed, Veng Timer, Hover Menus, NPC Drop Table, Kills Tracker, Points Tracker, Extra settings. -
▸ Tons more Content to see!

PkOwnage not only offers a great PKing experience but also includes a complete points system for Bossing, Slayer, Voting and Trivia giving players the ability to earn drops without just needing luck and just grinding forever.
On PkOwnage There is a huge variety of bosses, great variety of Mini-games and not forgetting lots of Achievements, Challenges and more offering people the ability to play with differnt styles and build your character to become a PkOwnage Legend!


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