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Date Signed Up:2020-03-04
Language:English SiteEnglish
Description:Expansion SA.
1 account per ip.
5 characters per account.
No skillcap.
300 statcap.
Only elfs and humans.
No imbuing.
Level system.(Max level 150,+5 skillpoints and +3 statpoints per level,you can train with standard method too).
Pet training system (standard).
Custom drops around the world and modified bosses.
Levelable weapons.(Only can level exceptional/crafted weapons,deed can be dropped from champions).
Easy start,training zone and new players champion.
Tubs,tubs,and tubs!
Token system,raffle stone,party matchmaking,gametime coins and no donation items.
Balanced evolution dragon.(Cant attack players,working on spider and lich steed).
Evolved Doom artifacts,tier 1 (standard),tier 2,and tier 3 with level requeriments.
Automated invassion system every 24h.
Max power scroll value 150.
Sovereigns added as generic loot with luck required.This coin is the real UO store,so you can buy these items ingame just doing PVM.
Working on world bosses,prizes on resource gathering skills,fishing,and more!
Mana potions,and skill bonus potions.
Hard drop chances so...good luck UO players!

IP: PORT: 2593


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