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Date Signed Up:2020-02-26
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Description:Welcome to Olympus, a server created on 2/15/2020.

Olympus is a new RS3 server made by players who want to enjoy runescape without the extras like quests and other irritable things

Here at Olympus, our staff and development cycle is focused on what the players want. Our goal is to give as many players who miss the Runescape 3 private server scene something to enjoy.

With a way to train all 27 skills, including Dungeoneering, Olympus is one of the only RS3 servers with this.

We even have Boss Pets and Skilling Pets with a fun and fair formula setup to where receiving a pet isn/t impossible but rare enough to feel like an acheivement.

Olympus also has fan favorite bosses such as Vorago, Arraxor, and God Wars Dungeon 2.

We are currently looking for dedicated staff members as well!

We hope to see you here at Olympus and we hope you enjoy your experience here.

Discord link: https://discord.gg/mRmNhgx


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