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Date Signed Up:2020-02-18
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Description:Noble is a brand new RSPS in 2021, we offer unique content most seek out for. What does this mean? Most content that gets implemented into the server is developed off of your ideas! We find this nessecary as it will give players a great experience they wish to have with all the locals.

New to the server? No problem! We've just implemented a chest system for beginners, you can obtain armor pieces, weapons, and skilling supplies!

Enjoy a specific playstyle? You're in luck! This server is universal with any play type. You can hop into bossing and PVM pretty early on due to the balanced XP rates. Want to fight other players? We have an active wilderness with many activities going on including bounty hunter, and a reward system in the works for wilderness only (Stay tuned)

Here's a quick YouTube video showcasing the home layout and other key features of the server - (YouTube link)

Stop by and check out the server today!


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