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Date Signed Up:2020-01-22
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Description:The worlds first fully open world free to play free for all PvP private server with custom features x3 exp 1.5 base speed high drop rates, come join the newest WoW private server that everyones talking about, and experience real pvp, not just battlegrounds!

[url=https://youtu.be/2423bbH3BzY]Server Feature Showcase[/url] -Sample Video

Custom features include:

Active AntiCheat (with passive anti cheat alerts),Autobalancer,Boss announcer,Bounty hunter,Character tools,Item level up,New character perks,Beastmaster,Phased duels,Premium,Transmog,Weekend exp,World chat,Rewards for time played,Gambler 

Tired of the same old boring repacked private servers? come try something completely different!

Server just launched, be one of the first to experience it, for more info visit [URL="https://enforced-wow.net"]https://enforced-wow.net[/URL]


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