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Description:Lok’tar Ogar, my warriors!

The Doom Lord Kazzak reopened the Dark Portal to Outland, flooding Azeroth with the ravenous demons of the Burning Legion. We need mighty warriors to stop The Burning Legion. Are you prepared?

Warsong is a new European WoW TBC Private Server, and will be launched on 30th december, this year at 20:00 UTC.

We have a Blizzlike server with 1 xp rate. 24 7 Uptime DDoS Protection and Warden Anti-Cheat. Scripted Instances, Raids Zones Scenarios and Step-by-step opening of content.

If you join us you'll get:

- Free boost to level 60 for one of your characters.
- An epic mount if you bring a friend to Azeroth.

Who are we?

We are a group of friendly passionate gamers and developers, who would like to create a pleasant gaming environment for every World of Warcraft fan. Join us, and together we'll protect Azeroth.

More details you'll find on our site:




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