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Site Name:Hype Ragnarok pH!
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Site URL:http://hype-ragnarokph.com
Date Signed Up:2019-12-22
Banner:Hype Ragnarok pH!
Language:English SiteEnglish
Description:“ We are envisioning a RO server which will give you a balanced Classic Experience and at the same time suits the playing time of the busy world. That said while maintaining a balanced Economy and a goal of a Dynamic and Toxic Free Community. “
Pre-Renewal Private Server 99/70
Exp Rates : 150/150 Drop Rates 10/5#
GVG PVP and Events Oriented
Gepard Shield 3.0 Protection
Disabled MVP and Boss and Mini Boss Cards
Custom Main Town
Balanced Server
Dual Client
Active and Approachable GMs and Staff
Server Features
Town Warper
@LGP / !ping / !vsync
No Autotrade
Reset / Remove Cards NPC and others

So gather up , call your friends and lets all enjoy the server!


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