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Site Name:L2 KomiWars 2000x PVP/PK Server HighFive
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Site URL:http://komiwars.com
Date Signed Up:2019-10-29
Banner:L2 KomiWars 2000x PVP/PK Server HighFive
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Description:Grand Opening Date:
On 08.11.2019 Server will Start !


Experience (EXP) 2000x
Skill Points (SP) 2000x
Adena 1000x
Safe Enchant +5
Max. Enchant +20
Normal Scroll Rate 75%
Blessed Scroll Rate 75%
Divine Scroll Rate 100%
Last Enchant Scrolls 75%/5%
Augment Skills Rate 75%
Atribute Rate stone/crystal 100% (x4 increase)
Enchant skill Rate - Retail like.

General Information

Server is based for PVP/PK
That why farm is NOT hard but will take your time.
Custom Farm Zones:
One Starting zone + farm for beginers
who is in peace zone
12 non peace zones for farm and fun
with 26 spawn locaitons to evade spawn kill
Custom solo Raids in any farm
Custom Epic Raids (you will need party there)
Custom NPC,s at any town!
GM Shop,Golbal Gatekeeper,Buffer(scheme)
Color title pernament,Top PVP/PK and more!
Daily quests in any farm
Custom hard farm zones
5 kind's of elegia armors
4 kind of top s-84 weapons
Freya1,Freya2,Vespers and 2 kind of Komiwars

Perfect Class Balance
Custom territorywar
Custom clan guard skills
Custom Tattoos replace talismans
Limited items
Many Auto Events
The best "no spawn kill system" on TvT Event
Many cool features in GM Shop as
Enchant scrolls with skills +15 and +30
Enchant scrolls with Skin's in colors
Enchant scrolls allow you to enchant items on +21 and +22
All accesoarys give custom skill and stats
All Braceleds give custom skill
Custom Bracelets with stats by choise
And many many more ofcourse
My Teleport system for all characters(not for free)
Custom Karma penatly system !
Respawed player during Karma go Floran Village
No matter on what location are.
PK player can be killed in peace zone
There is no PK Drop
Floran Village is for karma players now


Clan system in L2 KomiWars is custom !
Clan reputation gain RATE:x100 (examnple any academic give you 5000points)
Clan reputation manager exchange fame for clan fame (can be buyed from the manager)
Clan level up system also have changes.(you need just 30 players in clan for 10 lvl)
Clan requirement items you can find in GM Shop (ofcourse not for free)


Overall Totals

In Out Total In Total Out
37 192 3522 11226


Day In Out
Today 1 8
2021-04-12 2 21
2021-04-11 2 17
2021-04-10 2 30
2021-04-09 1 2
2021-04-08 6 37
2021-04-07 4 9
2021-04-06 4 9
2021-04-05 3 4
2021-04-04 6 29

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