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-We are a brand new 317 server ready to be open to players. 
-It is a highly custom server with unique content for all players to enjoy. 
-We have over 40+ zones for you to get the best loot and rise to the top! 
-We have custom minigames for you to grind, starter tasks, custom slayer masters and store. 

-Custom home with all shops there
-Custom Points System: Bossing, Minigames, Pest Control, Slayer Points
-Amazing HD client with NO lag! 
-Free-to-play based. You start as free DONATOR. (Given time played, can use ::freesuper for the next upgrade ;) )
-Custom Ironman Mode 
-Unique gambling system
-Custom Item Upgrading
-Tons of more content! ``` 
 I encourage you all to please take your time and check out the server!   
 We do not currently have a website set up due to lack of playerbase, but we have a very strong VPS and a discord server for communication for now.
 Thank you very much for reading


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