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Description:100% Raids, Surges, Zulrah, Custom Auction system, Demonic Gorillas, Custom Maps and Interfaces!

Welcome to RuneRealm!
We have an active and balanced economy thanks to our amazing Player Owned Shop System, providing a great place for Skillers, PvM'ers and PKers alike. With a lot of customised content ranging from interfaces to bosses will make sure to provide you the most unique Old-School experience available.

What to look forward to?
Our dedicated staff team works around the clock to provide the community with the updates THEY want to see, players may suggest and open polls on our forums and we will pick one of these every once in a while to go live in our game.

Different Gamemodes
Besides the already familiar Ironman and Ultimate Ironman mode, we also have an Extreme mode which will give the player the option to trade off a decreased XP rate for an increased drop rate change, these players will also be able to be distinguished from the 'Normal' players ingame and the highscores.

Custom Player Ranks
Each and every user is eligble to unlock custom ranks in-game, many of which are unlockable through achievements, missions or level requirements! These ranks can be switched in your Player Panel, this allows people to take on multiple roles: meaning a Donator being promoted to Player Moderator no longer has to give up their rank!

Points System
Participating in PvM, Bossing or Skilling will provide you additional points which can be spend in their designated shops to unlock even more cool rewards!

Some more features:
Player Panel
Drop Table Viewer Interface
Auction House system (Player Owned Shops and Grand Exchange Hybrid perfect for RSPS)
Custom Bosses
+The list is endless

We have so much more to offer, but you should find that out by yourself!


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