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Site Name:L2 Reborn - Lineage 2 Interlude x1 - REAL CLASSIC
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Site URL:https://l2reborn.com/
Date Signed Up:2019-07-28
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Description:L2 Reborn Lineage 2 Interlude international server

The only Lineage 2 Retail like server without RMT Bots Dualbox Donations

We achieved the hardest goal for a lineage 2 community to have the most clean server without any kind of donation for in game advantage bots real money trade black market no dual box and more than 1200 unique players everyday

If you are looking for a long term server We guarantee more than 2 years

If you dream with a REAL classic style server and the Lineage 2 from the old days
Play here without dualbox you will find every class played as main character

If you are frustrated about adena items accounts sellers in every server you play
We already banned over 1000 one thousand accounts of players that tried to buy or sell any kind of ingame goods

Which is the server status

First epic bosses starts on June 15th 2020
First sieges starts on June 27th 2020
No heroes no olympiad available yet
80 of server population between 50 and 65 level range

Do not waste more days in servers that are made as a business join us and experience the fun of playing Lineage 2 like you did in the old days


Overall Totals

In Out Total In Total Out
14159 2495 24205 12276


Day In Out
Today 559 88
2020-10-21 684 109
2020-10-20 676 112
2020-10-19 688 115
2020-10-18 670 166
2020-10-17 631 135
2020-10-16 627 128
2020-10-15 647 90
2020-10-14 658 51
2020-10-13 625 130

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