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Description:8 Years ago Yanille was one of the top RSPS of its time, until out of no where the server closed.
Yanille was different to most other servers as everything is based in the Runescape town of Yanille. PKing, Mining, WC, Crafting, Fishing, everything is done in Yanille.

Although I am not the greatest programmer, I am in Fact still learning, we have a discord chat of previous Yanille players, and we all wanted it back. I decided to take lead.
This isn't a server made to compete with others (Of course I would love it to do well), this is a server made for fun, there may be bugs, issues etc. but this is our slice of Runescape.

I am currently hosting two servers. Yanille Revived & Yanille Classic. Yanille Classic is the original Yanille source code, which has had some slight updates and improvements.
Yanille Revived is an updated version of Yanille, based on OSRS. Still with the Yanille theme, and some cameos, this server is more like a traditional RSPS
I hope if you remember this server, you will jump on and say hello, if you haven't played before, jump on!

$5 Donation to everyone who plays the Alpha.


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