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Date Signed Up:2019-05-31
Language:Russian SiteRussian
Description:We invite everyone to open the classic Lineage 2 C4 server with X10 rates on the PTS platform!
Our server for all fans of the classic Lineage 2 C4
Someone did not play C4, and someone managed to play quite a bit on the official servers, so the fourth Chronicles will be interesting for both veterans of lineage 2 and newcomers.

High-quality Assembly, maximum comfort from the game is guaranteed!
The largest advertising campaign, a huge start-up online!
Stable and long server operation!
Sea of fan, boss RAID battles!
Quality support for players 24/7!
NEW! Now without Vypov!

The official opening of the Scions of Destiny x10 server will take place on July 25 at 18: 00 Moscow time!
Opening of the OBT on July 19, 18: 00 Moscow time!


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